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R.I.P. Sir George Martin

9 Mar

2016 continues to be a year of mourning in the music industry and this one, personally hits hard as Sir George Martin has passed away at the age of 90. The “fifth Beatle” as he was widely referred to died “peacefully at home” according to reports. The producer of the Beatles and the man who helped bring their sound to life was a pure genius and regarded as one of the finest and most intelligent people in the business. I encourage you to take some time today to learn a bit more about Sir George Martin and the impact he’s had over his lifetime.


For me it obviously began with my parents playing The Beatles music growing up and continuously being surrounded by it. Then it was 10 years ago in Las Vegas when Cirque du Soleil announced a collaboration for The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil and having a chance to sit through dress rehearsals and media days (I was assisting on the PR end as the company I worked for handled PR for Cirque) and listen to how the soundtrack for the show came together and how Sir George Martin worked with his son Giles to put together one of the most incredible arrangements I had ever heard. This was also the time when Apple Corps didn’t own the original catalog of The Beatles’ music, Michael Jackson did and so the two Martin’s were using outtakes, other recordings, etc. and still delivered an amazing 90 minutes of music for Cirque du Soleil to perform with. Then in 2014 I had a crazy idea, could I bring together my favorite show, The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil and the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra for a first time performance at Life is Beautiful? This wild pipe dream became a reality thanks to Giles Martin and the team at Cirque du Soleil and of course the LV Phil. Giles rewrote the score for this 30 minute performance and it was an incredible moment and one that I will never forget.


We lost a legend. A man who not only changed the way we listened and fell in love with music but also a man who was regarded as one of the best. We lost a Beatle today. May you rest in peace Sir George Martin.

RIP Joe Cocker

23 Dec

Sadly another supremely talented one has left us for a place much better. RIP Joe Cocker, you will be missed. The legendary singer passed away on December 22 at the age of 70 having lost his battle with lung cancer. While the song “With A Little Help From My Friends” was originally a Beatles song, Cocker’s rendition made him a household name worldwide but for me, he was part of my childhood as the song was the theme song for “The Wonder Years.” His voice was iconic, his songs are legendary and he will definitely be missed. We’ve lost many amazing talents in 2014, but their music will continue to fill our ears with joy and happiness.

Cassette Tape Art Behind Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are”

17 Dec

This is a really cool article by Mark Morganstein of CNN.com about Erika Iris Simmons and how Bruno Mars got the idea for his video “Just The Way You Are.” Fascinating stuff and really creative.

Erika Iris Simmons calls herself a “pop” artist.

But she could also be called a “classical” artist or a “spoken word” artist. It all depends on whether she’s creating Madonna out of cassette tape, Beethoven out of sheet music, or Shakespeare out of some of his sonnets.

In just three years, Simmons’ unique recycled portraits have earned admirers around the world. Now, the 27-year-old Atlanta, Georgia — based artist is enjoying a much higher profile. The music video for Bruno Mars’ chart-topping single, “Just the Way You Are,” inspired by her cassette tape portraits, has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube. Continue reading


New Music: The Parties – Coast Garde

24 Nov

I’m totally digging this band, The Parties.  The quartet is from San Francisco and their sound definitely is a throwback to 60s rock and roll/pop.  The band just release their latest work call Coast Garde and I’ve found it to one of those all around great discs.  I think if you give it a listen you will find that each song sounds like bands we have all grown up loving or at least have helped shape my musical tastes (think The Beatles, The Byrds, CSN, etc.).

Top Ten Beatles Songs of All Time

8 Sep

Rolling Stone is coming out with a collectors edition issue of The Beatles’ 100 greatest songs and they just posted a link to the Top 10 Beatles songs of all time. Check it out by clicking here or for a quick list, see below.

10. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

9. “Come Together”

8. “Let It Be”

7. “Hey Jude”

6. “Something”

5. “In My Life”

4. “Yesterday”

3.  “Strawberry Fields Forever”

2. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

1. “A Day In The Life”