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Now Playing: The Dirty Heads – “Believe”

31 Aug

I was stoked to find out yesterday that The Dirty Heads next single to drop is “Believe.”  Not only am I a fan of the reggae, rock band but quite frankly this has been my favorite song of theirs since first hearing Any Port In A Storm.  Any music lover should really dig the lyrics, below are two verses from the track.  Now give a listen and see for yourself.

Well you never quite forget the first tape you bought
Mine was Naughty by Nature back when OPP was hot
Who’d have thought, that I could ever turn out this way?
I’m blamin’ Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA
Yeah, it was Beasties on my mind pretty much all the time
‘Till I started smokin’ pot and figured out about Sublime
Oh my god, I never wanted somethin’ so badly,
I wanna learn to play guitar and sing just like Bradley.
And the B-lines that Eric dropped reminded me of hip-hop
I’m singin’ lovin’ is what I got, I got, I got…
‘Cause when the lovin’ was gone,
I learned to play the blues through Stevie Ray Vaughn,
I needed music for all the ways it helped me deal,
And now I’m lovin’ my guitar the way that B.B loved Lucille..

“Well Bob Marley was the tune when little J was in the womb,
My mom would put the headphones on her belly feel my move.
And every Jimi Hendrix riff I’d give her a little kick,
Just to let her know to turn it up a little bit.
And please, when I grow up can I sound like Police?
That’s what I was thinkin’ while prayin’ on my knees.
But now that I’m grown, I’ve found a sound of my own,
I’m in the studio now and I feel like I’m home”


This Weekend: Tiesto In Concert

31 Aug

Just a few days away from Labor Day Weekend and I can’t wait for the influx of music and world renowned DJs to invade Las Vegas.  One show in particular to look forward to on Saturday, September 3, Tiesto In Concert over at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.  It’s a far cry from Tiesto performing in a normal club atmosphere; he takes over one of the best live music venues in all of Las Vegas.

Vote Now: DJ Gusto – Beatportal Tim Berg “Bromance” Remix Contest

30 Aug

Check it out, a good friend of mine; DJ Gusto has entered Beatportal’s Tim Berg – Bromance Remix contest.  Here’s where you come in, beginning today you register with the site and vote for DJ Gusto.

Want to know what you are voting for?  Click HERE to give a listen to Gusto’s remix.  And VOTE!

Tonight: The Naked and Famous Live at The Cosmopolitan

30 Aug

If you are in Vegas you probably should make your way to The Cosmopolitan tonight as The Naked and Famous are playing out at The Boulevard Pool at 9 p.m.  I saw them perform out at Lollapalooza and damn, did they put on one heck of a show.  If you’ve never heard of The Naked & Famous, now’s your chance to get up close and personal with the group from Down Under.  I honestly don’t think people realize how lucky those of us who live in Las Vegas are to get bands like this to perform right in our backyard. Hope to see you tonight!

Happy Birthday MJ!

29 Aug

New Music: NewVillager

29 Aug

I’m enamored with NewVillager’s self titled album that dropped earlier this month.  And to be completely honest, I have no idea why but I seriously cannot stop listening to it.  Perhaps it is the vocals in general that are pushed so gracefully or maybe it is the playful harmonies that will easily bring a smile to your face.  Courtesy of multi-instrumentalists Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini, NewVillager’s debut album has it all, from quirky guitars and power synths to flat out rhythm that will get that beat going inside of you.

As for my favorite track so far, “Upholder.”

If you are a fan of Empire of the Sun, MGMT and CULTS, you will definitely dig NewVillager.

Music Is The Answer Labor Day Weekend At Wet Republic!!

26 Aug

One week away from today begins Labor Day Weekend music mayhem in Las Vegas and I can tell you I’ll be visiting one of my favorite spots, Wet Republic!  Between MDW and LDW I’ve spent my fare share of holiday weekends (and birthdays) at this pool and always have the best time.  From Swedish House Mafia and Deadmau5 to Afrojack and David Guetta, you name the DJ and chances are good they’ve performed at Wet Republic.  This LDW brings a solid four day line-up (see below) but I’m actually most excited for daytime partying on Sunday because of Avicii and Sultan & Ned Shepard spinning the weekly F*** Me I’m Famous party. Plus I still can’t get Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness” out of my head.

Tonight: Walk The Moon Play Vegas – Q&A Previewing Their Performance

25 Aug

Check it out, here’s a little preview of what you can expect tonight at The Yard at The Cosmopolitan when Walk The Moon takes the stage.

9 p.m. show time and it’s FREE!

I caught up with the guys at Lollapalooza and here’s what they had to say.

(appears in the new issue of Vegas SEVEN which is out today)

News: “Mickey Hart: Another Dead Tour Is ‘Always a Possibility’ (via Rolling Stone)”

24 Aug

Check out THIS article today from by Andy Greene

Excerpt below:

The Dead last toured in 2009. “There was certainly personal tension on that tour,” said Hart. “I mean, there were people that didn’t get along. And there were musical differences. But nothing that couldn’t be negotiated. I mean, there are differences in any family. But I didn’t skip a beat. I’ve been in very interesting projects over the past few years and I have absolutely no inclination to join Furthur. Bob’s doing just what he wants to do and so am I.”

Hart refuses to rule out the possibility of another Dead tour, though. “I would never say never,” he says. “As long as we’re above ground, there’s always a possibility. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t do more shows someday, but right now isn’t the right time.”

Now Playing: Avicii – “Fade Into Darkness”

23 Aug

I seriously cannot stop listening to this song. FIRE!!