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Ben Harper – Fistful of Mercy

30 Nov

If you are a Ben Harper fan and you haven’t already, check out his latest project, Fistful of Mercy.  Consisting of Harper, Dhani Harrison (George Harrison’s son) and Joseph Harper, the trio released their debut album, As I Call You Down this past October.  The first single off the album is well, “Fistful of Mercy” but check out the video below of the band performing “Father’s Son” with special guest Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine on Conan earlier this month.


What’s Not to (?uest)love

29 Nov

Just picked up the new issue of Rolling Stone and saw this picture of ?uestlove by Peter Yang.  Such a dope photo and damn, 70,000 albums in his collection.

DJ Roger Gangi – Dada Life vs LMFAO

28 Nov

The weekend is coming to a close but there is nothing that should stand in the way of listening to house music and with that, I wanted to share a track that a good friend of mine, DJ Roger Gangi has been working on: “Unleash The Fucking Dada (I’m In Miami Bitch) Vocal Mix” – Dada Life vs LMFAO.”  Follow this link to download the track and enjoy!

New Music: The Parties – Coast Garde

24 Nov

I’m totally digging this band, The Parties.  The quartet is from San Francisco and their sound definitely is a throwback to 60s rock and roll/pop.  The band just release their latest work call Coast Garde and I’ve found it to one of those all around great discs.  I think if you give it a listen you will find that each song sounds like bands we have all grown up loving or at least have helped shape my musical tastes (think The Beatles, The Byrds, CSN, etc.).

Revisited: Bruce Springsteen – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

22 Nov

Almost a week later and I am still thinking about Bruce Springsteen’s performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I must admit, I only started watching his show because The Roots are the house band and now I absolutely love the show. The Boss was a great interview and gave an even better performance (which was pretty much a given).  While Fallon dressed as Neil Young and the two of them did a rendition of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” here is a clip of Springsteen and The Roots performing “Because of the Night.” I mean c’mon Bruce Springsteen and The Roots sharing the stage together, how rad is that?!

Also a couple days later, Rolling Stone caught up with ?uestlove and I found his comments pretty awesome.  Here’s an excerpt:

“During rehearsal, when the producer said, ‘Ladies and gentleman, ‘Because The Night’ with the Professor and Little Steven, here’s Bruce Springsteen and The Roots’ — I couldn’t move,” ?uestlove tells Rolling Stone. “And they were looking at me like, ‘Okay count the song off.’ And I was like, I said, ‘Holy shit. I heard that.'”

He adds: “I mean, I’ve done some intense playing on our show, but that was the most intense playing I’ve ever done. He completely surpassed any expectation I’ve ever had for any mythical god of rock figure.”

And click here to read Patrick Doyle’s full piece.

NEW: Lupe Fiasco ft. John Legend – “Never Forget You”

19 Nov

As I’ve clearly stated on the blog before, I’m a huge Lupe Fiasco fan.  As for John Legend, he’s very talented and has a ton of great songs but I’ve never really been into him.  Well, I just listened to Lupe Fiasco’s new track “Never Forget You” featuring John Legend and this may slowly start turning that dial for me. I’m addicted to this song which is definitely a bit of a change for Lupe’s style but wow how Legend’s voice impacts this great tune.  Let’s all hope that it makes it onto Lasers due out next year.  Check it out below and also take a look at the lyrics.

NEW: G. Love – Fixin’ to Die

18 Nov

I’m a huge G. Love fan and if you are too this video below will definitely get you amped up for his new album, Fixin’ to Die due out February 22, 2011.  Adding to the spectacular for this blues heavy disc, The Avett Brothers are producing it!

And for all my Denver peeps, make sure you grab Dec. 30 and 31 tickets to see G. Love and Widespread Panic!  Sounds like one heck of a way to ring in the New Year.

NEW Girl Talk – All Day

17 Nov

First time I ever heard about Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk I was fascinated how he was a biomedical engineer by day and DJ by night; how he would frequently hop on a plane to London after work on Friday and be back in the office Monday morning without anyone knowing that he was moonlighting as a DJ.  Well of course he blew up as a DJ and has released four very memorable mixes including Night Ripper and Feed The Animals.  On Monday, he dropped his fifth, All Day which in typical Girl Talk fashion is one heck of a mash-up/sample album.  You can grab yourself a copy of it HERE.   Also you have to check out the Wikipedia page for All Day which breaks down the staggering 372 samples used to create the record.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – The Golden Year

16 Nov

Another CD that has been on heavy rotation for me as of late is The Golden Year by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool.  Their debut album is great and you may know them from the song posted below, “Dance The Way I Feel.”  Unfortunately the lead singer, Charles Haddon committed suicide over the summer so unless there are works hiding in the archives, this is all we’ll get out of the synthpop group Camden, London.

LBi: Life Before iTunes

15 Nov

I don’t know about anyone else but these days I can easily feel lost without iTunes.  I know it sounds a little pathetic but when you have over 40 days worth of music on your computer (not counting CDs) and constantly make playlists like me, it consumes you and you forget that just a short time ago we use to carry around CD Players and Case Logic books of 12-24 CDs on trips and such.  Really, think back to life before iTunes and how we accessed and listened to music.  After experiencing a couple computer crashes that wiped out my iTunes catalog each time, I went months without my trusted technological music storage and playback program.  Finally a new computer is setup and forget connecting wireless internet and the printer, it was straight to rebuilding that iTunes library.  Now up and running, I’m not sure where to begin on my playlists; do I try to recreate the old ones or just start fresh? All I ask is please, no more computer crashes and that my iPod syncs!