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New Music: Jamestown Revival – The Knives & Pipes EP

28 Feb

Jamestown Revival, heard of this band before?  If not you better get on top of their EP, The Knives & Pipes.  The laidback duo of Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance originally hail from Magnolia, Texas and are currently one of 16 bands vying for the cover of Rolling Stone.  In what’s a really sweet contest featuring many great up-and-coming bands, give a listen to Jamestown Revival and cast your vote for the guys (final four bands will rock out at Bonnaroo in a Battle of the Bands this June).  Even better, vote for Jamestown Revival, click the Facebook ‘Like’ icon and then shoot at email to and you can score a free copy of their EP.

Wondering what their sound is like?  Personally I think it’s a blend of a handful of genres including their country roots, bluegrass, pop, rock and rockabilly, soul and they pull it off so elegantly.  They have a more mellow, chillaxing approach which makes listening to them that much more enjoyable.  I know after one listen I was hooked and have found myself pushing repeat again and again the past week.


REVISITED: Ryan Shaw – 2 24 11 – Las Vegas – Plus Video Covering Bob Marley

25 Feb

Ryan Shaw was in one word last night, amazing.  What a performance he gave over his two sets in Las Vegas on Thursday night.  If you are in Sin City this weekend, no excuse to not go and see at least one set over the next two nights.  And if you’re worried you won’t know any of his music, have no fear as Ryan’s performance last night included a whole bunch of great covers including: Michael Jackson – “Man In The Mirror,” Janis Joplin – “Piece of My Heart,”   Bob Marley – “Redemption Song,” Stevie Wonder – “Superstition,” and Beatles – “Let It Be.”

The video is not great quality and the security guy kept getting in the way (I think he just wanted some face time) but give a listen to hear Ryan performing “Redemption Song.” Also apologies as I missed the first minute of the song.  Will try to get some better video this weekend.

Now Playing: Ryan Shaw – “Do The 45”

24 Feb

Excited to see Mr. Shaw live in Las Vegas tonight and through Saturday. Hopefully some of you join me for some damn good music!

Save The Dates: Dave Matthews Band – 2011 Show Dates

23 Feb

Received an email yesterday and it’s posted on the Band website check out the below:

Dave Matthews Band will host four three-day music festivals across the US this summer. The multi-stage events will feature a wide array of diverse musical talent with Dave Matthews Band performing a headlining set each night. Exact locations, lineups, ticketing and lodging info will be announced soon.

JUNE 24-26…North East/Mid Atlantic

JULY 8-10…Midwest

AUGUST…coming soon!

SEPTEMBER…coming soon!

This gets me excited as the 20th Anniversary plans are starting to come together and officially knowing DMB will not be taking the whole year off is something to look forward to.  Can’t wait to see the exact locations (Atlantic City has been a good rumored location for the East Coast and you can pretty much guarantee that September will be The Gorge) and bands who sign on to partake (guessing Red Light Management, ATO Records and probably Brushfire Records artists will make up a bulk of the acts).  Summer of Music is getting better and better!

New Music: Cam’ron – “Oh What A Night” as in The Four Seasons

23 Feb

Yes, that “Oh What A Night” by The Four Seasons and you must hear Cam’ron’s remix which he first took to the studio in 2007 after being shot in D.C. and now comes the full version of the song six years after the incident.  Follow THIS link to hear it via Nah Right or check the below.

After hearing his remix, what do you think?

New Music: DJ Ikon – “Bass Down Low” Remix

23 Feb

Check it out, new remix by DJ Ikon and DJ Exodus of “Bass Down Low” by Dev ft. The Cataracs. Y’all know you love this song so give the remix a listen by following THIS link and if you like, download it from the same place.

DJ Roger Gangi – Martin Solveig – Hello (Bootleg Remix)

23 Feb

Good buddy Roger is back at it again with a remix of one of my top songs of the moment “Hello” by Martin Solveig. Give a listen by following the link below and if you’re in Vegas, Solveig makes his first appearance in Sin City this Friday at Surrender.


New Music Tuesday: G. Love – Fixin’ To Die and Adele – 21

22 Feb

I love new music Tuesday and today delivers a couple great albums that should definitely be in your collection.  G. Love dropped Fixin’ To Die while Adele’s sophomore effort 21 is finally available in the US after coming out in the UK last month.  While I shared my thoughts on G. Love’s new work last week, I am blown away by Adele’s and her voice.  I never gave her first album a shot and perhaps I am missing something but I think 21 is fantastic and knowing that Rick Rubin, Paul Epworth and Ryan Tedder produced the album just makes it that much better.  I can’t get enough of her first single “Rolling in the Deep” as well as “I’ll be Waiting” and “Someone Like You.”

REVISITED: The Black Keys – 2 20 11 – Las Vegas

21 Feb

Last week was a musical bonanza for me beginning and ending with the Black Keys.  Having not seen the guys live before, getting a chance to see them twice in seven days was quite a treat.  The first show was a corporate event so while it was a phenomenal show it was tame and all business.  I much preferred last night’s performance, full of energy and getting the chance to see a real rock show (something seems to be lost nowadays).  I was also mad excited as Big Boi was the opener last night and he definitely didn’t disappoint.  The 45 minute set featuring numerous Outkast classics and some off his highly acclaimed Sir Lucious Left Foot… The Son of Chico Dusty, Big Boi had the packed house bouncing their heads and breaking into several sing-a-longs during “B.O.B.,” “Ms. Jackson” and “I Like The Way You Move.”  Primed and ready for the Keys, it was fast paced and electric once Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney hit the stage.  Running through a gamut of tracks including “Chop and Change” and “Tighten Up,” I personally have to say my favorite of the night was hearing “Howlin’ For You” live.

At first I was skeptical of seeing them perform in a modified ballroom but it actually sounded good.  And check out the gallery of photos from last night’s show courtesy of Erik Kabik of Retna/

New Music: G. Love – Fixin’ To Die – CD

18 Feb

G. Love & Special Sauce has had their share of success over the years while G. Love aka Garrett Dutton’s solo projects go mostly unheralded, until now.  With assistance from The Avett Brothers who produced and sit in as the band on Fixin’ To Die to give it that back down south soul, the Philadelphian shines with his blues music and heartfelt lyrics.  The album’s title track, a Bukka White original, sets the stage as a serious boot stompin’ jam while “Milk & Sugar” raises the energy level as a happy go lucky sing-along.  “Just Fine” a love song, is true G. Love with his one-of-a-kind rhyming and the guitar riff is reminiscent of Blues Traveler’s “Hook.” But what may stand out most is Dutton’s cover of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover;” which starts out as a tranquil rendition that evolves into a dominant harmonica and banjo jam session.  If you’re looking to rid yourself of winter, scoop up this disc and watch as the sky opens up and lets the sun shine down.

CD drops on February 22 but head on over to Conan O’Brien’s website HERE to stream the album.