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8 amazing outdoor music venues via CNN Travel

12 Jun

If you’re at all like me, sometimes it’s not just about the band or artist you are going to see in concert but rather the venue may be the bigger draw.  When you get the holy grail of venues and your favorite band together, it quite possibly can be the best show you’ve ever seen. And with that, here are 8 amazing outdoor music venues complied by CNN Travel.

I can’t, won’t and will never argue with the first one on the list, Red Rock Amphitheatre.  I’ve seen shows in all different places, spaces, countries, etc. but nothing compares to Red Rocks.  I recall driving up to the venue with my head out the window like a little kid pulling up to Disney World.  It truly is a magical place and I hope everyone gets to experience a show there at least once.

Cassette Tape Art Behind Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are”

17 Dec

This is a really cool article by Mark Morganstein of CNN.com about Erika Iris Simmons and how Bruno Mars got the idea for his video “Just The Way You Are.” Fascinating stuff and really creative.

Erika Iris Simmons calls herself a “pop” artist.

But she could also be called a “classical” artist or a “spoken word” artist. It all depends on whether she’s creating Madonna out of cassette tape, Beethoven out of sheet music, or Shakespeare out of some of his sonnets.

In just three years, Simmons’ unique recycled portraits have earned admirers around the world. Now, the 27-year-old Atlanta, Georgia — based artist is enjoying a much higher profile. The music video for Bruno Mars’ chart-topping single, “Just the Way You Are,” inspired by her cassette tape portraits, has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube. Continue reading


Wyclef Jean For President?

3 Aug

Just in from CNN International that Wyclef Jean is going to run for President in Haiti. He’s set to announce it Thursday evening on Larry King. Click here to read about it.

If this does happen what an amazing opportunity for Wyclef. As a fan of his work as both a musician and a humanitarian, he’d be willing to give up the “American Dream” to return to his birthplace and make things right.