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@LifeIsBeautiful is here!!!!

26 Oct

I wish I had more time for this post but here it is. I’ve spent the past 52 weeks working on something so special and magical. I’ve been able to be a part of an incredible team putting together a festival that in less than two hours we will open gates and have the world see just what we’ve been building. I’ve poured my blood sweat and tears into this project and now it’s time for you to enjoy it! Thank you Aurelian Marketing Group, Another Planet Entertainment, Downtown Project and Maktub Marketing for taking me on this magical ride. Time to make some history!

Peace + Love + Music


Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 3 Days – @HAIMtheband

22 Oct

Quite possibly one of the hottest acts around, I cannot wait to have HAIM perform at Life is Beautiful. The sisters who debuted on Billboard at #6 and #1 in the UK bring their solid rock sound to the neon desert for the first time. This is going to be one show festival goers are going to want to be sure to take in.

Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 4 Days – @EmpireOfTheSun

21 Oct

“Loving every minute ’cause you make me feel so alive, alive.” Indeed this is so true this week! Here we go, it’s officially festival week! Just days away from Empire of the Sun taking the stage to blow people’s minds with their spectacle! You can catch them close out the Ambassador Stage on Sunday evening at Life is Beautiful!

See you all soon!

Peace + Love + Music

Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 5 Days – @TheKillers

20 Oct

In one week, The Killers will take the stage for the final performance of the inaugural Life is Beautiful Festival! Quite fitting, don’t you think? The hometown rockers will play for their largest Las Vegas crowd and I sure can’t wait to feel the energy and be a part of this memorable moment.

Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 6 Days – @KingsOfLeon

19 Oct

So exactly one week from now the gates will swing open, fans will rush in and the inaugural Life is Beautiful Festival will be underway. The excitement is building, the footprint is really taking shape and today our main stage will start to be assembled! And next Saturday night, Kings of Leon will mark their return to Las Vegas and take the stage as our Saturday headliner! So come one, come all and join our family tree!

Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 8 Days – @FamilyOfTheYear

17 Oct

If you’re ready to get rocking early at Life is Beautiful, I hope you can make it out early on Sunday to catch Family of the Year on the Downtown Stage at 1 p.m. These LA indie rockers are for sure a show you’re going to want to catch as they belt out tunes like “Hero,” “The Stairs” and “St. Croix”

Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 9 Days – @Zedd

16 Oct

We’ve hit the single day countdown!  Cause for celebration?!  If that’s the case, perfect time to listen to a little Zedd!  Hope you can join us at the Ambassador Stage at 8:05 pm on Sunday, October 27 to catch his show at Life is Beautiful.

I know I posted this video previously but the whole 23 seconds are worth it, Zedd at The Independent the night before Outside Lands 2013.


Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 10 Days – @VampireWeekend

15 Oct

You can count them on two hands finally, 10 days until Life is Beautiful! I can promise you that if you’ve ever visited downtown Las Vegas, it’s going to look massively different in the next 10 days. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Today we dropped the festival map and schedule, let the planning begin! Also the perfect day to feature one of the bands who’ve put on a couple of the best concerts I’ve seen in 2013, Vampire Weekend.

Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 11 Days – @XDannyXBrownX

14 Oct

Here we go, the home stretch. I totally spaced on Day 12 of the countdown so we’ll just fast forward to Day 11 and an artist on the rise, Detroit MC, Danny Brown. I really hope you all take the time to see him perform, I promise it will be worth it. And if you dig a little deeper you’ll see he’s collaborated with a few Life is Beautiful artists, including Portugal. The Man and Purity Ring.

Countdown to @LifeIsBeautiful: 13 Days – @AndrewMcMahon

12 Oct

Lucky 13! Fans of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate are not going to want to miss their chance to see the man behind both bands, Andrew McMahon, as he jams out tunes from his previous bands as well as some great new material too. Tickets are still on sale, get them at