Revisited: Bruce Springsteen – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

22 Nov

Almost a week later and I am still thinking about Bruce Springsteen’s performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I must admit, I only started watching his show because The Roots are the house band and now I absolutely love the show. The Boss was a great interview and gave an even better performance (which was pretty much a given).  While Fallon dressed as Neil Young and the two of them did a rendition of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” here is a clip of Springsteen and The Roots performing “Because of the Night.” I mean c’mon Bruce Springsteen and The Roots sharing the stage together, how rad is that?!

Also a couple days later, Rolling Stone caught up with ?uestlove and I found his comments pretty awesome.  Here’s an excerpt:

“During rehearsal, when the producer said, ‘Ladies and gentleman, ‘Because The Night’ with the Professor and Little Steven, here’s Bruce Springsteen and The Roots’ — I couldn’t move,” ?uestlove tells Rolling Stone. “And they were looking at me like, ‘Okay count the song off.’ And I was like, I said, ‘Holy shit. I heard that.'”

He adds: “I mean, I’ve done some intense playing on our show, but that was the most intense playing I’ve ever done. He completely surpassed any expectation I’ve ever had for any mythical god of rock figure.”

And click here to read Patrick Doyle’s full piece.


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