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RIP B.B. King

14 May

Sad sad evening to just hear of the passing B.B. King. We most definitely lost a legend this evening. The King of the Blues was 89. Read more HERE.

Music.Mic: 33 Years Later, Bob Marley Still Speaks for Young People

6 Nov

Great quick read from Music.Mic on the legendary Bob Marley. Click HERE to read the post.

But his solutions were of the biggest and truest variety: If the problems he saw in the world are around to this day, so too are the solutions. He blended the practical and the philosophical. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds,” he sang on “Redemption Song” (a paraphrase of Marcus Garvey), and he inspired millions to do the same. Bono, one of today’s greatest musical philanthropists, has said he carries a copy of the song with him whenever he goes to meet with politicians, prime ministers or businessmen.

“It was for me a prophetic utterance,” Bono said, “or as Bob would say, ‘the small ax that could fell the big tree.'”


Ben & Jerry’s Launches Bob Marley Inspiried Ice Cream

16 Sep

It was bound to happen, Ben & Jerry’s has introduced the newest flavor to its arsenal of ice cream’s with “Satisfy My Bowl”

From the Ben & Jerry’s website:
We’re celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Legend album with this tasty tribute, supporting Bob’s vision for a fairer world. In partnership with the 1Love Foundation, this flavour will help to fund a youth empowerment programme in Jamaica. Music to your ears AND your taste buds! What makes this all the sweeter is that the inspired (ahem, LEGEND-ary) flavour name comes courtesy of Camilla Bishop – thanks Camilla, you’re a legend! Peace, 1love & Ice Cream, from Ben & Jerry’s.


News: Vision for Hendrix Park as vibrant as namesake (via The Seattle Times)

18 Aug

Any fan of Jimi Hendrix needs to read this article that ran in The Seattle Times about the Hendrix Park that is planned.

Here’s a excerpt from the story and you can click HERE to read the full piece written by Erik Lacitis’:

Since his death nearly 41 years go, Seattle has struggled to find a way to fully honor Jimi Hendrix, one of its most famous sons.

How the city should honor Hendrix has been a complicated, at times turbulent affair that on occasion has descended into accusations of racism and, on the other side, questions about why the city should memorialize someone who many associate with drugs.

But if all goes as planned, sometime in 2012, ground will be broken for some rather remarkable Hendrix-influenced structures at the 2.3-acre Jimi Hendrix Park next to the Northwest African American Museum.

It’s not a done deal.

Right now the Central District park exists as mostly lawn where the parking lot used to be for the old Colman School on South Massachusetts Street.

The cost for developing the site is estimated at nearly $2 million, says Carver Gayton, a member of the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation and one of the prime movers behind the park.

Revisited: Toots & The Maytals

17 Jun

Courtesy of our friend and photographer, Erik Kabik, check out the pics and words from Wednesday’s Toots & The Maytals show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.

Toots & The Maytals performed at The Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club as part of the SOUNDWAVES Poolside Concert Series on June 15th, 2011.  Frederick “Toots” Hibbert, known as the man who coined the term “Reggae” in 1968 had led Toots & The Maytals for over 40 years. The reggae legend performed an extended set of classic Toots & The Maytals hits to an enthusiastic crowd who danced and sang along throughout the entire show. At 66 years of age, Toots still performs an intensely energetic solid set of reggae music that evokes the spirit of Otis Redding, Ray Charles and Al Green and is also infused with a heavy dose of Gospel Revival music.

– EK

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

24 May

Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan! Today everyone should be celebrating the legendary musician who quite simply is the greatest songwriter of all time.