Music.Mic: 33 Years Later, Bob Marley Still Speaks for Young People

6 Nov

Great quick read from Music.Mic on the legendary Bob Marley. Click HERE to read the post.

But his solutions were of the biggest and truest variety: If the problems he saw in the world are around to this day, so too are the solutions. He blended the practical and the philosophical. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds,” he sang on “Redemption Song” (a paraphrase of Marcus Garvey), and he inspired millions to do the same. Bono, one of today’s greatest musical philanthropists, has said he carries a copy of the song with him whenever he goes to meet with politicians, prime ministers or businessmen.

“It was for me a prophetic utterance,” Bono said, “or as Bob would say, ‘the small ax that could fell the big tree.'”


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