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Now Playing: Jon Batiste and Stay Human – “Express Yourself (Say Yes)”

30 Jul

Just listen to the track….. Currently No.1 on the iTunes Jazz Chart. And check out their performance on the Colbert Report last night HERE.

Now Playing: @ScreamCreature

27 May

Pretty cool new music Tuesday as I get to talk about a project my buddy Chris has been working on for some time called, ScreamCreature. The EP drops today and you can purchase it on iTunes or CD Baby.

Below is background on the project from Chris as well as a player to listen to some ScreamCreature but for me the best part about this project is that he’s been developing it with his brother. There is nothing like family!

“If you’ve seen me post but didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, well it’s a little project I started with my little baby brother, who’s not a little baby, but he’s kind of a big baby for such a big little baby guy. He was the first fan of every band I’ve ever been in: Exposed Youth, Hed, Boss Tweed, Elefant. Yeah, those are all names we actually considered using for the one and only band I’ve actually ever been in… and I can’t believe O.A.R. actually did go by some of those names. Well, Rob sat in the corner in the basement watching every band practice, and he learned to play guitar by watching Marc and Richard. When O.A.R. wasn’t practicing, he and I jammed down there all the time. Then he started writing his own songs. I pushed him to keep writing and he kept writing.

About 10 years ago we were living in Chicago and we stayed up all night one night writing a song called Stand and Scream and we knew the 2 of us had to do somethin’. Now somethin’ had to happen. But life was crazy over the next few years. I was on the road. He moved to LA for a few years and then to San Francisco. But whenever we’d get together back in Maryland for the holidays, we’d go back down to the basement and it was just like being back down there with Marc, Richard, Benj and Jerry. I love that basement. I love how it sounds. We wrote more songs. I invited Rob to Chicago to head into the studio. To fill out the parts, we invited Danny Chaimson who’s always been one of my favorite creative souls to have ever walked the earth and the chemistry was instantly apparent. I love that I’ve only ever been in bands with my brothers.

These songs have been written in Maryland, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and even Memphis, and we recorded them over a 3 year period in many, many different studios in Chicago, before finally being mixed in Nashville. It’s been one of my favorite adventure’s. As you can see the story of ScreamCreature is either 3, or 10, or 30 years in the making depending on how you tell it.”


New Music: Ray LaMontagne – “Airwaves”

20 Mar

Ray LaMontagne has dropped a second track off his upcoming album, Supernova. This one titled “Airwaves” is much more calming and relaxing from “Supernova,” the first single that dropped last month.

New Music: Grouplove – “Ways To Go” (Video)

10 Jun

If you haven’t had a chance to hear it already, below is the official video for “Ways To Go,” the first single off Grouplove’s upcoming album Spreading Rumours due out September 17.  You can snag yourself “Ways To Go” tomorrow on iTunes.


New Music: Jack Johnson – “I Got You”

9 Jun

Sunday Funday! And today we get to listen to a new track from Jack Johnson. “I Got You” is the first track from his upcoming album, From Here To Now To You due out September 17. Buy the single and pre order the album from iTunes.

Countdown to Bonnaroo: 17 Days – Artist of the Day: Feist

20 May

“One, two, three, four…” yeah that’s how I like pretty much everyone first heard of Feist.  And I think we can all thank Apple and that iPod commercial for delivering a gifted singer-songwriter to us. But before that, Leslie Feist already had one heck of a career spanning multiple bands (including Broken Social Scene) and albums.  After disappearing from music for a couple of years, fast forward to present where she is back and out on a world tour supporting her most recent album, Metals, which was released towards the end of 2011.   With a prime time slot on Friday at Bonnaroo, her set should be a stellar one and is also one of her last U.S. dates on the current tour.

Friday June 08, Which Stage, 06:15 PM

New Music: Allen Stone

11 Oct

Thanks to a couple of friends I was turned on to Allen Stone, a really great up-and-coming soul singer.  Just last week he released his self-titled record (his second full length disc) and wow, he has a sensational voice.  I’ve had the album on repeat the entire day and I’m still loving what I’m hearing.  Below is a video for “Say So,” which right now is my favorite track on the record.

If you are a fan of Stevie Wonder, James Morrison, Raphael Saadiq, Ryan Shaw, Matt Nathanson, Matt White, Matt Wertz and similar artists, you will definitely dig Allen Stone.

Added bonus, pick it up on iTunes for $5.99 right now.

Southwest Airlines Shows Loves And Then Retracts Free Music Offer

8 Jun

Southwest Airlines has really pulled a fast one on customers this time.  The airline recently announced in honor of its 40th birthday they would be giving away a 40 song playlist for FREE.  Not even a week after announcing and launching this has Southwest pulled the promotion and only saying “We apologize, but due to popular demand the free playlist is no longer available. Check out the artists we love on iTunes below.”

This is wrong in so many ways but I mean what did they think was going to happen; people weren’t actually going to download the music because they haven’t heard of most if not all of the artists?  For many people their favorite four letter word is FREE.  Was this a deal rigged with iTunes to try and get people to purchase the songs and some sort of revenue generator?  Who really knows the truth but what a lame and pathetic job by Southwest.

Something that could have been such a positive has become a negative very quickly.  And you know what; I bet those artists would have loved for millions of people to be introduced to their music.

Looks like no cake will be served at this anniversary party.


LBi: Life Before iTunes

15 Nov

I don’t know about anyone else but these days I can easily feel lost without iTunes.  I know it sounds a little pathetic but when you have over 40 days worth of music on your computer (not counting CDs) and constantly make playlists like me, it consumes you and you forget that just a short time ago we use to carry around CD Players and Case Logic books of 12-24 CDs on trips and such.  Really, think back to life before iTunes and how we accessed and listened to music.  After experiencing a couple computer crashes that wiped out my iTunes catalog each time, I went months without my trusted technological music storage and playback program.  Finally a new computer is setup and forget connecting wireless internet and the printer, it was straight to rebuilding that iTunes library.  Now up and running, I’m not sure where to begin on my playlists; do I try to recreate the old ones or just start fresh? All I ask is please, no more computer crashes and that my iPod syncs!