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27 May

Pretty cool new music Tuesday as I get to talk about a project my buddy Chris has been working on for some time called, ScreamCreature. The EP drops today and you can purchase it on iTunes or CD Baby.

Below is background on the project from Chris as well as a player to listen to some ScreamCreature but for me the best part about this project is that he’s been developing it with his brother. There is nothing like family!

“If you’ve seen me post but didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, well it’s a little project I started with my little baby brother, who’s not a little baby, but he’s kind of a big baby for such a big little baby guy. He was the first fan of every band I’ve ever been in: Exposed Youth, Hed, Boss Tweed, Elefant. Yeah, those are all names we actually considered using for the one and only band I’ve actually ever been in… and I can’t believe O.A.R. actually did go by some of those names. Well, Rob sat in the corner in the basement watching every band practice, and he learned to play guitar by watching Marc and Richard. When O.A.R. wasn’t practicing, he and I jammed down there all the time. Then he started writing his own songs. I pushed him to keep writing and he kept writing.

About 10 years ago we were living in Chicago and we stayed up all night one night writing a song called Stand and Scream and we knew the 2 of us had to do somethin’. Now somethin’ had to happen. But life was crazy over the next few years. I was on the road. He moved to LA for a few years and then to San Francisco. But whenever we’d get together back in Maryland for the holidays, we’d go back down to the basement and it was just like being back down there with Marc, Richard, Benj and Jerry. I love that basement. I love how it sounds. We wrote more songs. I invited Rob to Chicago to head into the studio. To fill out the parts, we invited Danny Chaimson who’s always been one of my favorite creative souls to have ever walked the earth and the chemistry was instantly apparent. I love that I’ve only ever been in bands with my brothers.

These songs have been written in Maryland, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, and even Memphis, and we recorded them over a 3 year period in many, many different studios in Chicago, before finally being mixed in Nashville. It’s been one of my favorite adventure’s. As you can see the story of ScreamCreature is either 3, or 10, or 30 years in the making depending on how you tell it.”



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