Southwest Airlines Shows Loves And Then Retracts Free Music Offer

8 Jun

Southwest Airlines has really pulled a fast one on customers this time.  The airline recently announced in honor of its 40th birthday they would be giving away a 40 song playlist for FREE.  Not even a week after announcing and launching this has Southwest pulled the promotion and only saying “We apologize, but due to popular demand the free playlist is no longer available. Check out the artists we love on iTunes below.”

This is wrong in so many ways but I mean what did they think was going to happen; people weren’t actually going to download the music because they haven’t heard of most if not all of the artists?  For many people their favorite four letter word is FREE.  Was this a deal rigged with iTunes to try and get people to purchase the songs and some sort of revenue generator?  Who really knows the truth but what a lame and pathetic job by Southwest.

Something that could have been such a positive has become a negative very quickly.  And you know what; I bet those artists would have loved for millions of people to be introduced to their music.

Looks like no cake will be served at this anniversary party.



One Response to “Southwest Airlines Shows Loves And Then Retracts Free Music Offer”

  1. Blake June 13, 2011 at 3:58 am #

    I agree!! Southwest has disappointed and saddened me with this weak attempt at thanking customers for their 40 years. I would expect this ploy from Delta or American. Respect for this giving airline is dwindling fast. Hmmm…

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