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This one’s for @AdamTaj: One City, One Summer Pt. 3

18 Aug

Here’s the deal.  My music blog started as a way to just write about and share music with my friends.  Quickly it took off in a strange but amazing way and became a part of my every day life.  Little did I know how many of my friends also shared the passion of music and writing which brings me to my buddy, Taj (the original tour manager!).  I can’t even begin to tell you about how many concerts and music moments we’ve had in this crazy place we reside, Las Vegas.  Taj is probably the biggest music aficionado I know and this summer he got linked up with some of his friends from North Carolina who own and operate a menswear/lifestyle site, Ole Mason Jar.  He became their resident blogger and this summer documented many musical moments here in Sin City.  So perfect for the individual Taj is.  Below is an excerpt from the Ole Mason Jar blog and I highly encourage you to click the link at the bottom to recount his One City/One Summer.

Peace + Love + Music

ONE CITY / ONE SUMMER is the documented summer tour of Las Vegas by our resident music expert, Taj Simpson, that will feature some of the hottest concerts / DJ’s / events in one of the most happening cities in the world.  Over the course of the summer, Taj will be submitting regular updates on his experiences, so check back often.  For a real time update on Taj and the ONE CITY / ONE SUMMER Tour, follow him at @adamtaj.



DoYouHearTheMusic.com Guest Blogs on DaynaRoselli.com

18 Jul

Music fans, check it out. My friend Dayna asked me to be a guest blogger on her new blog and without hesitation I said yes and of course wrote about music!  I’ve known Dayna for years, going all the way back to my days working with nightclubs and the countless red carpets.  She was was most recently the Morning News Co-Anchor at KLAS-TV (CBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada and has more than 15 years of experience reporting and anchoring local, national, and world news and entertainment.  Big things are to come for her in the future and I’m just happy to call her my friend.

As for my post which you can read HERE, it includes my thoughts on Frankie Moreno’s show at the Stratosphere and some summer tunes you need to be listening to.


Hot off the press: DoYouHearTheMusic.com Sticker

24 May

First came designing the logo for the blog using my old ticket stubs and well, it worked! Next was making this blog a reality and using that logo as the identifying image associated with DoYouHearTheMusic.com and now comes a little fun, the first DoYouHearTheMusic.com sticker!

Big thanks to my dear friend Jef Salazar aka the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla for designing the first DoYouHearTheMusic.com sticker!  Find me at a concert and be on the lookout for the sticker to be popping up in some “random” spots here soon.

Revisited: Coachella 2011 via @IMWITHTHEDEEJAY

22 Apr

It’s a great day as a good friend of mine and fellow music lover, Angela (@IMWITHTHEDEEJAY), becomes the first guest blogger on Do You Hear The Music and shares her first Coachella experience in words and video.  Angela has one of the coolest blogs I’ve come across and always has fun, interesting and inspiring posts as well as the latest and greatest from DJ Vice.  Check out the below and then visit her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Coachella 2011.

I’m no stranger to packed crowds, pounding beats and rhythmic drum patterns and quite candidly house music, nightlife and large crowds make me feel at home; so much so it’s why I started my blog, rightfully titled: IMWITHTHEDEEJAY.  No further explanation needed.

Going to Coachella for the first time alongside DJ VICE proved to me that this festival truly has something for everyone. I was quite surprised just how many DJ sets were scheduled during the weekend line-up and thus spent a lot of time checking them out.

What impressed me the most about Coachella was the variety of music ranging from indie, house and dub step to R&B and hip-hop.  I learned about some new artists, such as Leftfield, while also appreciating artists I was already familiar with even more after hearing their songs live combined with their stage presence (Chromeo, The Strokes, Cut Copy).

Here is a short video I put together to share some of the highlights on my experience and exactly why I plan to go back every year.  Enjoy.

My Best and Worst of Coachella 2011

best surprise moment : Usher & Paul McCartney on stage during AfroJack’s house set

worst moment : the moment I felt the urge to pee & knew I was going to hold it ALL night! Yuck on portable bathrooms.

best performance to dance to : Cut Copy & Chromeo

best performance to jump for : AfroJack

best performance overall : Kanye West

best songs: “Original” Leftfield, “Needy Girl” Chromeo, Swedish House Mafia “Save the World”

most overused house song : “Awooga” Calvin Harris

most disappointing performance : Tinie Tempah

best fashion piece I saw : crochet white fringe vest with white glowsticks tied to each piece.

worst fashion: going barefoot

best overall: the great choice in music – you can’t even manage to hear everyone you would like to because there are so many stages & performances.

worst overall: DUST = allergies, scratchy eyes, watery nose and a layer of film all over you.

Don’t bring next year: Any “professional” DSLR camera – they won’t let you in with it.

Pack next year : bandana & anything glow in the dark!