This one’s for @AdamTaj: One City, One Summer Pt. 3

18 Aug

Here’s the deal.  My music blog started as a way to just write about and share music with my friends.  Quickly it took off in a strange but amazing way and became a part of my every day life.  Little did I know how many of my friends also shared the passion of music and writing which brings me to my buddy, Taj (the original tour manager!).  I can’t even begin to tell you about how many concerts and music moments we’ve had in this crazy place we reside, Las Vegas.  Taj is probably the biggest music aficionado I know and this summer he got linked up with some of his friends from North Carolina who own and operate a menswear/lifestyle site, Ole Mason Jar.  He became their resident blogger and this summer documented many musical moments here in Sin City.  So perfect for the individual Taj is.  Below is an excerpt from the Ole Mason Jar blog and I highly encourage you to click the link at the bottom to recount his One City/One Summer.

Peace + Love + Music

ONE CITY / ONE SUMMER is the documented summer tour of Las Vegas by our resident music expert, Taj Simpson, that will feature some of the hottest concerts / DJ’s / events in one of the most happening cities in the world.  Over the course of the summer, Taj will be submitting regular updates on his experiences, so check back often.  For a real time update on Taj and the ONE CITY / ONE SUMMER Tour, follow him at @adamtaj.




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