Now Playing: The Dirty Heads – “Believe”

31 Aug

I was stoked to find out yesterday that The Dirty Heads next single to drop is “Believe.”  Not only am I a fan of the reggae, rock band but quite frankly this has been my favorite song of theirs since first hearing Any Port In A Storm.  Any music lover should really dig the lyrics, below are two verses from the track.  Now give a listen and see for yourself.

Well you never quite forget the first tape you bought
Mine was Naughty by Nature back when OPP was hot
Who’d have thought, that I could ever turn out this way?
I’m blamin’ Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA
Yeah, it was Beasties on my mind pretty much all the time
‘Till I started smokin’ pot and figured out about Sublime
Oh my god, I never wanted somethin’ so badly,
I wanna learn to play guitar and sing just like Bradley.
And the B-lines that Eric dropped reminded me of hip-hop
I’m singin’ lovin’ is what I got, I got, I got…
‘Cause when the lovin’ was gone,
I learned to play the blues through Stevie Ray Vaughn,
I needed music for all the ways it helped me deal,
And now I’m lovin’ my guitar the way that B.B loved Lucille..

“Well Bob Marley was the tune when little J was in the womb,
My mom would put the headphones on her belly feel my move.
And every Jimi Hendrix riff I’d give her a little kick,
Just to let her know to turn it up a little bit.
And please, when I grow up can I sound like Police?
That’s what I was thinkin’ while prayin’ on my knees.
But now that I’m grown, I’ve found a sound of my own,
I’m in the studio now and I feel like I’m home”


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