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DoYouHarTheMusic.com – July Oh My! 2017 playlist

24 Jul

Click play and crank it to 11. I know it’s the end of the month and I have been sitting on this DoYouHearTheMusic.com playlist for sometime but at least the wait allowed for a few more summery gems to wind up on this playlist. Hopefully this mix let’s you listen to some new music from familiar names and discover new tunes from your soon to be favorite artists.

Peace + Love + Music



Countdown to Life is Beautiful 2016: Dirty Heads – “Moon Tower”

6 Sep

Huntington Beach where you at?! The countdown to Life is Beautiful 2016 rolls on and pretty perfect for today!  Check out this stripped down version of “Moon Tower” by Dirty Heads off their self titled, fifth album which dropped earlier this summer. Getting stoked to have the fellas perform at Life is Beautiful on Saturday, September 24.  More here from Relix.

New Music: The Dirty Heads -“Spread To Thin”

15 Mar

New music from the Dirty Heads, “Spread To Thin” which was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas and is part of the the long awaited new album, Cabin By The Sea, which will be released this summer!  Give a listen and share your thoughts below.


Now Playing: The Dirty Heads – “Believe”

31 Aug

I was stoked to find out yesterday that The Dirty Heads next single to drop is “Believe.”  Not only am I a fan of the reggae, rock band but quite frankly this has been my favorite song of theirs since first hearing Any Port In A Storm.  Any music lover should really dig the lyrics, below are two verses from the track.  Now give a listen and see for yourself.

Well you never quite forget the first tape you bought
Mine was Naughty by Nature back when OPP was hot
Who’d have thought, that I could ever turn out this way?
I’m blamin’ Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA
Yeah, it was Beasties on my mind pretty much all the time
‘Till I started smokin’ pot and figured out about Sublime
Oh my god, I never wanted somethin’ so badly,
I wanna learn to play guitar and sing just like Bradley.
And the B-lines that Eric dropped reminded me of hip-hop
I’m singin’ lovin’ is what I got, I got, I got…
‘Cause when the lovin’ was gone,
I learned to play the blues through Stevie Ray Vaughn,
I needed music for all the ways it helped me deal,
And now I’m lovin’ my guitar the way that B.B loved Lucille..

“Well Bob Marley was the tune when little J was in the womb,
My mom would put the headphones on her belly feel my move.
And every Jimi Hendrix riff I’d give her a little kick,
Just to let her know to turn it up a little bit.
And please, when I grow up can I sound like Police?
That’s what I was thinkin’ while prayin’ on my knees.
But now that I’m grown, I’ve found a sound of my own,
I’m in the studio now and I feel like I’m home”