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Now Playing: Boulevards – “Got To Go”

15 Jan

It’s Friday so time to get a little funky. 2015 was a big year for Boulevards (listen to “Sanity” and google it) and if the last 12 months were a sign of what’s to come, his debut album is sure to funk shit up in music in 2016.

Your instructions, click play below, repeat. Then give a listen to his EP and repeat.

Peace, Love + Music


Now Playing: Tuxedo – “Wonderful Christmastime” and “Do It”

9 Dec

Time to bust out your favorite tuxedo t-shirt! My latest music obsession is courtesy of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One who together make up the duo TUXEDO! It’s time to get a little bit funky and for the holiday season check out their rendition of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” but really you need to listen to “Do It.” If you thought Chromeo brought the funk back to mainstream in 2014, give a listen to this and get ready for the debut album from Tuxedo on March 3.

Countdown to Bonnaroo: 20 Days – Artist of the Day: Charles Bradley

17 May

Yesterday it was about one of the next great soul singers and today it’s about a seasoned vet just being discovered and unleashed to the world, “The Screaming Eagle of Soul,” Mr. Charles Bradley.  Last year he dropped No Time For Dreaming, an album that drew national acclaim and it was well warranted. Having moonlighted as a James Brown impersonator, Bradley has soul in his veins and has made a name for himself after years of being, well, undiscovered.  Performing under his name and the moniker, “Black Velvet,” Bradley should bring a little funk to the party in Tennessee this summer.  Another artist festival goers should be excited to check out.  Viva Bonnaroo!!

New Music: Clement Marfo & The Frontline

13 Jan

TGIF and this Friday we head across the pond for some righteous new music courtesy of Clement Marfo & The Frontline.  The seven member posse led by Marfo is a mixed bag of fun incorporating everything from hip-hop, rock, funk, pop, R&B, soul, ska and more.  Think energy and excitement when listening to this London group and look out for big things in 2012.

Below is the video for the current single “Overtime” but click HERE to listen to “Shock & Awe” my favorite so far.

Video: My Bonnaroo

18 Jun

It took a week but I was finally able to put my Bonnaroo 2011 photos into a video slide show.  Everything is in sequential order from the moment we arrived until the final show.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture every band I saw but hope you enjoy what I did capture.  Can’t wait until Bonnaroo 2012.  Let the countdown begin.

Revisited: Bonnaroo 2011

13 Jun

10th anniversary of Bonnaroo is in the books and I’m ready to get tickets for next year. Being a Bonnaroo rookie, it was all about taking in as much of the experience as possible. After an afternoon waiting for everyone to fly in, rent the truck and an off the reservation experience at Walmart, we were on the road.  Some 60 miles and one wrong turn later, we arrived.  After finding the RV and unpacking enough food and booze to feed the entire stage crew for the festival, it was time to get the party started.  Meandering through the festival grounds at night it was hard to capture just how big the Bonnaroo fields are and how over 100,000 people flow in and out.  The first time you see it during the day, your jaw drops at the sight of an entire city being created in virtually the middle of nowhere.  If that’s what it takes for people to get along, be polite and just have a good time, I can live with that.

I also learned that no matter what bands you plan to see, you can go ahead and throw that plan out, it just isn’t going to happen and that’s a good thing.  Getting a chance to pop in and out of shows, listening to some new bands (and some old), wandering around the festival grounds and just kind of going with the flow seemed to be just fine.  Photos will be coming soon (I promise) but here are some of my highlights from Bonnaroo X.

My First Show: The Walkmen

My Final Show: Apache Relay

Best What Stage Show: The Black Keys

Best Which Stage Show(s):
G.Love/Warren Haynes

Best Tent Show: Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses

Best Overall Show: Walk The Moon

Biggest Surprise: Childish Gambino

Best Legend Show: three way tie – Robert Plant, Dr. John, Gregg Allman

Random Moment Of Awesomeness: blue blinkers dropping from the sky for Arcade Fire’s set

Overall Stage With The Best Performances: On Tap Stage – shows included Band of Heathens, Apache Relay, Chancellor Warhol, Mat McHugh, Pimps of Joytime, JEFF The Brotherhood, Bobby Long and more

Most Entertaining Show: Lil Wayne for the fact that at least 40,000 festival goers/hippies knew all the lyrics to his songs – you had to be there to understand where I’m coming from

Most Disappointing Moment: Terrible sound quality for the Buffalo Springfield show made it almost impossible to listen to (this saddened me more than anyone will ever know)

Next Big Thing:  Walk The Moon and Apache Relay

Top Party: the overflowing sea of madness for Girl Talk at 2:30am

Oddest Show That Was A Blast: Primus

Funky Good Time Show: Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

Band I Was Sad To Miss: GIVERS

Angriest Performer: Eminem

Best Intro: Lewis Black for Warren Haynes

What Would Have Been Great: a late night set from a headlining DJ

Top Roo’er: Guy trying to make the “World’s Biggest Glow Stick” (if you saw/met him, you know what I’m talking about)

Top Sports Bar Moment: Game 6 of the NBA finals was like the March Madness scene in Vegas (video coming soon).

Best Festival Eats: Bear Creek Farms’ hand cut French fries and Gravy

Best Broo’ers Festival Beer: Ashville Brewing Company’s Ninja Porter

Best Place To Cool Off: the cinema (if no line to wait)

Biggest Waste of Time: anything that involved a line

Shocker Of The Festival: no rain

Worst Part: Dust everywhere and if you didn’t have a bandana, you were SOL

Clutch Move: renting a pickup truck

Tip For Next Year: less junk food and more healthy food, bring laxatives and don’t go off the reservation

More Tips: flip flops are your enemy, dust sucks, that fountain water is filthier than Vegas’ Rehab, expect rain, drink water and more water

Countdown to Bonnaroo: 15 Days – Artist of the Day: Galactic

25 May

If you’re ready to get funked up, Galactic will do just that.  The New Orleans legends who were part of the inaugural Bonnaroo and a staple band throughout the decade long run of the festival return to bring some funk and jazz to the masses.  Exuding energy and pure happiness, Galactic shows are memorable for sure and just about always include surprise guests sitting in for a song or the whole show.  Knowing the grand stage of Bonnaroo, I think we can all rest assured this will be one performance to catch.

Sunday 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM – What Stage

Video: Ben & Jerry’s ‘Bonnaroo Buzz’ Release

1 Apr

Great creative :30 second spot by Ben & Jerry’s and Bonnaroo for the new Bonnaroo Buzz Ice Cream.  Music courtesy of Galactic – “Muss The Hair.”

New Music: Ben Harper – “Rock and Roll is Free”

28 Mar

I’m a huge Ben Harper fan but I’m not sure how I really feel about “Rock and Roll Is Free” the first single off his forthcoming album, Give Til It’s Gone out May 17. In a return to straight up rock and roll and his first solo disc since 2005 I’m definitely looking forward to listening to the album but I think his oldies are still the goodies in this case.


(via The Audio Perv)

My Mile High Music Festival: Ozomatli

11 Aug

If you’ve heard of Ozomatli you have to love them and if you have no idea who they are, just know this; they have won Latin Grammys in 2002 and 2005 for “Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album.”  While you may think, “Latin Grammy” with a big question mark, this is a band that transcends all races and genders for the love of music.  They are primarily a Latin, hip-hop and rock music band that dabs into salsa, jazz, funk, reggae and rap, essentially providing the soundtrack for the country and world we live in and committed to bringing the beats and sounds to people of all kinds.

Something else interesting about Los Angeles based Ozomatli that people may not know, Chali 2na and DJ Cut Chemist of the now debunked Jurassic 5 were members of Ozomatli (2na has come back from time-to-time). From inception, the band has ranged anywhere from as high as 10 members down to seven with a core of six original members.

To see Ozomatli live know that it is one gigantic party and that the band not only feeds off of the crowd but joins the crowd and makes it a musical moment to remember.  One of my favorite Ozomatli memories to date was seeing them live on Halloween in Hawai’i for Halloween High Steppin’ at some hole in the wall Mexican restaurant with 200 people.  The energy was through the roof that evening and add in everyone dressed in costumes it was sure a night to remember.  I imagine that seeing them perform at Mile High Music Festival will remind me of that live show and what an exciting band they are.