New Music: Jamestown Revival – The Knives & Pipes EP

28 Feb

Jamestown Revival, heard of this band before?  If not you better get on top of their EP, The Knives & Pipes.  The laidback duo of Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance originally hail from Magnolia, Texas and are currently one of 16 bands vying for the cover of Rolling Stone.  In what’s a really sweet contest featuring many great up-and-coming bands, give a listen to Jamestown Revival and cast your vote for the guys (final four bands will rock out at Bonnaroo in a Battle of the Bands this June).  Even better, vote for Jamestown Revival, click the Facebook ‘Like’ icon and then shoot at email to and you can score a free copy of their EP.

Wondering what their sound is like?  Personally I think it’s a blend of a handful of genres including their country roots, bluegrass, pop, rock and rockabilly, soul and they pull it off so elegantly.  They have a more mellow, chillaxing approach which makes listening to them that much more enjoyable.  I know after one listen I was hooked and have found myself pushing repeat again and again the past week.

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