One Word: fun.

2 Mar

Last week my dear friend Hannah Allen asked “have you heard of the band fun. before?” I hadn’t so when I got home I immediately did a little YouTube surfing and the minute I played the song “All The Pretty Girls” I kept thinking that the lead singer’s voice sounded really familiar to me.  Lo and behold I searched for some info on the band and learned that Nate Reuss formerly of The Format had started this band in 2008 with Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff and in August 2009 released their debut LP, Aim and Ignite.  Immediately I had two thoughts, first that this was amazing as The Format was on heavy rotation during my college days and two, have I been sleeping under a boulder (not a rock) for a few years to not know about this band? Yes on both.  So far so good with fun. and their contagious indie pop sound.  As I get myself more familiar with these guys, take a listen and see for yourself what we’ve been missing.

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