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Revisited: Playing That Mogul Music

10 Jan

I was going through some old stacks of papers, magazines and came across an article I kept from 2007 in The New York Times about DJ managers.  I was fascinated with this piece (thus why I kept it) and reread it last night still amazed at how the business side of DJs has evolved and taken off over the course of the past decade let alone in the four years since this article was written.  It’s an easy read and well worth the five minutes of your time.  Fascinating stuff and props to writer Lola Ogunnaike on a great story.

“Not long ago, the life of the average New York D.J. involved booking their own dates, toting crates of vinyl and, if all went well, taking home enough to chip away at the rent. These days top D.J.’s can command $50,000 or more a party and are just as likely to wind up in the gossip columns as are the young actresses they call their friends — while working parties for Fortune 500 companies or for wealthy hosts halfway across the world.”

Click here to read the complete article.