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Countdown to Bonnaroo: 10 Days – Artist of the Day: Mumford & Sons

30 May

I have seen more concerts than I can remember and Mumford & Sons definitely put on one of the best live performances I’ve been witness to.  The sheer excitement and energy the entire band projects when on stage is magical and they take folk music to a whole new level.  They have risen to stardom in the US rapidly and well worth it as anyone who has seen a live performance can testify to.  Mumford & Sons are one of those bands who play with so much passion each and every night that it’s virtually impossible not to be infatuated with them.  Mixing in a few new songs into the set should be expected (“Lover Of The Light,” amazing) as they take Bonnaroo and play in front of their largest audience yet.

Saturday 6:15 PM – 7:45 PM – Which Stage

Revisited: Mumford & Sons – 4 15 11 – Boulevard Pool – Las Vegas

21 Apr

“Originally appeared in Vegas Seven

Check out my most recent concert review of Mumford & Sons from April 15 at the Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan.  You can also click HERE to for the setlist and images.

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