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VIDEO: 2013 Life is Beautiful Festival MUSIC Recap

22 Jun

Oh man, just 24 hours from the 2014 Life is Beautiful lineup! I cannot wait to share this year’s lineup with everyone. Each minute we get closer to releasing it the more excited I get. I hope my enthusiasm and love for the talent assembled for year two of the festival is shared by you as well after tomorrow.  I hope that as you watch this video below which recaps the music portion of Life is Beautiful 2013, you get pumped to create a whole new set of beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

“A music festival is a gathering of a lot of strangers but I must say that music by the end of the night it always makes me feel like I know everybody that I shared that experience with and there’s nothing else in the world that can do that like music.” – Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons at Life is Beautiful Festival




Revisited: @LifeIsBeautiful #DTLVMS at Commonwealth

8 Apr

Simply an awesome night of music last evening at Commonwealth for the April installment of the Life Is Beautiful Downtown Las Vegas Music Showcase! Great weather, great turnout and of course rocking music from six incredibly talented groups. The All Togethers were a perfect way to get things started, just love that duo! Next up was the incredible voice of Chandelle followed by a rooftop rattling performance by The Dirty Hooks. Avalon Landing were definitely a crowd pleaser, and won the hearts of the ladies. Moondog Matinee, took the evening to a new level and set the tone for a fantastic performance for A Crowd Of Small Adventures. Big thank you to everyone who came out, showed their support and listened to some great homegrown talent.

If you missed out, don’t worry as our next showcase is May 1 at Insert Coin(s).

#DTLVMS Tonight at Commonwealth | DJ at 5 | Bands at 6 @LifeIsBeautiful

7 Apr

The past four days being a part of Festival Generation Week have been incredible (more on that coming soon, I promise) and I expect the same to ring true tonight as we host our Life Is Beautiful Festival April Downtown Las Vegas Music Showcase at Commonwealth. It all gets started at 5 p.m. with sounds by DJ Zo and then we kick it up a notch at 6 p.m. with six rocking performances. I hope you can join us for this rooftop sunset session featuring some very talented homegrown talent. We’ll also have $6 cocktails to quench your thirst.  See you soon!!

DLVMS_show_poster-APRIL 2

Big thanks to the awesome team at Cowtown Guitars and everyone at Commonwealth for helping to arrange a fantastic evening.

Revisited: Vegas SEVEN: Moondog Matinee – March 11 – Gypsy Den – Las Vegas

20 Mar

Last weekend I had the opportunity to check out Moondog Matinee during Neon Reverb in Las Vegas and below is my review which appeared in the March 17-23 issue of Vegas SEVEN.   While this may be short and sweet, let me preface by saying this was stepping into uncharted waters for me and now I can officially cross another item off the bucket list.  Music is one of my favorite things in the world (obviously) and by starting to keep a blog about it I never actually thought it would lend itself to something like this coming from it.  Check it out and let me know what you think.