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Countdown to Bonnaroo: 14 Days – Artist of the Day: Hey Rosetta!

23 May

Say hello to another Canadian act you should be excited to check out, Hey Rosetta!. While the band has been together for more than half a dozen years and have three albums out, the Newfoundland sextuplet are a relatively new act to the States and should be primed and ready for a major breakout this summer.  With lead singer Tim Baker at the helm, Hey Rosetta! are a polished group with beautiful harmony, and boast a killer strings section (violin and cello).  So get ready for two killer live music jam sessions taking place at Bonnaroo, and come discover some new music to kick your summer into gear.

Friday June 08, The Great Taste Lounge Brewed by Miller Lite, 05:20 PM

Saturday June 09, Sonic Stage, 02:30 PM


Countdown to Bonnaroo: 15 Days – Artist of the Day: Honey Island Swamp Band

22 May

When day four at Bonnaroo rolls around and you hear a party going on at The Great Taste Lounge stage, that will be the sweet sound of New Orleans courtesy of the Honey Island Swamp Band.  While there are more than enough terrible memories of Hurricane Katrina, we are starting to hear about more and more wins, successes and revitalization as a result and one is definitely Honey Island Swamp Band.  With a chance encounter in San Francisco after evacuating New Orleans, the band was formed, gigs were nailed down and record was released.  Since, the band has returned to New Orleans and continues to put smiles on people’s faces and lead funky dance parties.  If you’re down to discover some new music I highly recommend you take a leap and listen to these rockers and start your own little get down jam session.

Sunday June 10, The Great Taste Lounge Brewed by Miller Lite, 01:20 PM

Countdown to Bonnaroo: 16 Days – Artist of the Day: Caitlin Rose

21 May

One, I was completely enamored the first time I listened to Caitlin Rose and two, I will be the first to tell you I don’t listen to country music often.  And yet, I find myself excited to check out her performance on Friday afternoon at Bonnaroo.  The Nashville artist has and very soothing voice and easy going sound that is contagious.  Plus every time I listen “Shanghai Cigarettes” I swear I hear the female version of Ryan Bingham.  Maybe it’s just me but now I’m just imagining what it might be like to hear these two artists collaborate together.

Friday June 08, The Great Taste Lounge Brewed by Miller Lite, 04:00 PM