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Music Video: “This Life” by Vampire Weekend

20 May

Okay let’s call it what it is, Father of the Bride, one of the best albums of 2019! Vampire Weekend went ahead and created a masterpiece. First release in six years, re-upped with Ariel Reichstad to produce the record, some slick guest appearances, etc. but what excites me more than anything so far, the music video for “This Life” which was directed by Emmett Malloy!  Also the director for “Harmony Hall!”  Selfishly I’ve loved all the Malloy Brother films (Thicker Than Water and A Brokedown Melody, specifically) and they’ve directed some videos of some legendary songs so not surprising I love this video below. Give a watch and see how they also celebrated Passover in Palm Springs.

Peace + Love + Music

RIP Samuel Goldwyn Jr.

13 Jan

Taking a break from music for a moment.

Back in 2003 I spent the summer following graduation in Los Angeles working a couple internships, one being with Samuel Goldwyn Films (we’re talking Mystic Pizza, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). Little did I know this was going to be my entry into the wonderful world of entertainment. As I learned of the passing of Samuel Goldwyn Jr. I couldn’t help be think back to that summer and reading through potential scripts for the company to purchase, attending actor’s studio nights (okay only once) and screening movies.  It wasn’t the longest internship but it provided me with a whole heap on knowledge in a short time that I’ve carried with me to this day. The entertainment industry lost a great one as did Samuel Goldwyn Films. Luckily for Samuel Goldwyn Films, it’s in the best hands with Myer Gottlieb as president, and I should know as he took a chance on a young 21 year old me.  RIP Samuel Goldwyn Jr.