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Five For Friday: Slightly Stoopid on Daytrotter, Dispatch, Rolling Stones, New Music and RIP Chris Lighty

31 Aug

Labor Day Weekend has arrived and for me it is lining up to be a music filled one and without having to leave Las Vegas!  But since it’s Friday, time for five nuggets of music news that grabbed my attention.  Enjoy the holiday weekend and be safe.

  1. Head over to Daytrotter.com, one of today’s download sessions is none other than Slightly Stoopid!  Super excited about this one and to see them with 311 on Saturday night.
  2. If you haven’t already, get your hands on Circles Around the Sun, the first studio album from Dispatch in over a decade.
  3. I officially have a date with music history.  When I’m not sure and tickets I’ll have to get somehow as the Rolling Stones have announced they’ll play two shows before the end of 2012 at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center (where the Brooklyn Nets will play).  Check out the item from Rolling Stone HERE.
  4. September is a ridiculous month for new albums and next week brings fresh music from Two Door Cinema Club (Beacon), Two Gallants (The Bloom And The Blight), Imagine Dragons (Night Visions), Elbow (Dead In The Boot), Matchbox Twenty (North), The Fresh & Onlys (Long Slow Dance), The Vaccines (The Vaccines Come of Age) and Animal Collective (Centipede Hz) as well as a heap of others.
  5. RIP Chris Lighty


Why you need to know about Daytrotter.com

2 Jul

I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret and all because of my love for music.  If you have never heard of Daytrotter.com I highly encourage you to visit the site after reading this.

One day a while back I stumbled upon Daytrotter.com and thought it was the greatest site for music. I could listen to some of my favorite bands play wicked awesome, stripped down versions of their songs.  Of course I also learned of some new bands (like today, Sporting Life) and to this day I am always up for discovering as many new bands on the site as bands I love.  Even better, besides just popping them in a queue and listening, you can also download the sessions.

The site use to be free but now charges a $24 annual fee and at DoYouHearTheMusic.com we have zero problem paying this. We’re talking $2 a month people!  For access to some incredible music and surely material you won’t find anywhere else, this is a no brainer.  Added bonus, visit the site by tomorrow and sign up for an annual membership and you can get your hands on a limited edition vinyl of The Lumineers and Civil Wars sessions for FREE.  They are only printing as many as records as ordered so once they go to print, that’s it!

Here’s another reason why you should be all about Daytrotter, follow Sean on Twitter @realdaytrotter and you’ll be opened up to some super dope music and be the first to know of some upcoming sessions on the site.

And tune in July 4 where you can stream the  Barn on the 4th show with the Counting Crows!

So there you have it, one of my favorite sites to discover new music.   You are now in the know.