MUST WATCH: Garth Brooks Sings “The Dance” To Fan With Cancer In Minneapolis, MN (VIDEO)

11 Nov

I haven’t been a country music fan for a long time, to be honest until a few years ago I didn’t even listen to it but I did have the opportunity to see Garth Brooks at Wynn and that goes down as one of the best shows I’ve EVER seen. After that show I felt like I had known Garth Brooks his whole life. It was a special show and will always be one I remember. Since then, I’ve become a country fan and seen a staggering amount of country shows and always held that Garth Brooks show as the creme de la creme. Also since then, Garth Brooks has headed back on tour now that his daughters are off to college (he’s a family first guy and I LOVE that the most about him) and this video below from his show a few nights ago in Minnesota is even more reason to love one of the most celebrated musicians of all time. You can read more HERE but in short, woman has cancer and holds up sign which reads “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight. Enjoy the dance.” Garth see’s the sign, woman gets to the front row where he serenades her to “The Dance,” hands her his guitar, kisses her on her forehead and then addresses the packed house. Watch it for yourself, it’s a powerful moment.

Music is so powerful and truly the universal language, people like Garth Brooks don’t come along that often and thank God for people like him. So yes, fuck cancer and for everyone battling this terrible disease, I hope and pray you stay strong and beat it.


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