Countdown to Life is Beautiful 2014: Priory

26 Sep

The home stretch towards the second Life is Beautiful festival in Downtown Las Vegas, October 24-26. In anticipation, at I’ll be running down an artist or two on the lineup! If you haven’t gotten your tickets, do so at and if you have, awesome and I can’t wait to see you!

Oh baby! We are exactly four days away from Life is Beautiful 2014!  And it’s Friday so what better than featuring Priory, one of the late additions to the Life is Beautiful 2014 lineup that have a song titled “Weekend.”  Clearly the perfect song for you to listen to today and it’s exciting that we were able to add the electro-pop outfit out of Portland and I can’t wait for them to take the stage and perform for you all.  Catch Priory on Friday, October 24.



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