One good thing about music….. thank you @EdwardSharpe for the reminder

2 Aug

It is the universal language.  It unites people.  It makes people forgive, forget, heal, rejoice, smile, etc.  It’s a part of why I believe the festival culture in America is so coveted now.  You name it and music really can be the most powerful thing we have.   And I challenge anyone to find a band out there today that better epitomizes spreading joy and happiness than Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.  Last night in Vegas I had the chance to once again see the band in concert but this was the first time out of a festival setting.  What I can tell you is there was not one person in the crowd without a smile on their face.  Last night was truly an example of how powerful music can be and put a positive influence on people, even if only for that evening.  What Alex Ebert and crew do is a sheer masterpiece.  They make the crowd feel as one with the band, radiate positivity and bring a crowd of strangers together.   #ThatsWhatsUp.

Add in spending the evening and experiencing the concert with some great friends and there’s not much more that could have made a Thursday night much better.

Happy Friday!

#Vegas 8.1.13

#Vegas 8.1.13


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