Ugh NO, Foster The People cover Alabama Shakes’ “Hold On”

6 May

I’m a huge Foster The People fan, seen them more times than I can remember, featured them on the blog way back when, heck I even interviewed them to preview a show in Vegas but for the first time, I have to say no, no, no.  They recently with a little help from Luke Pritchard of The Kooks covered “Hold On” by the Alabama Shakes and while it may be a sign of respect to cover someone else’s work, some are best left alone.  Brittany Howard has a unique and incredible voice and quite frankly “Hold On” only sounds proper with her vocals on the track.  I applaud you for trying but don’t spoil something beautiful.

I suspect (and hope) there might be a better, updated version of this coming next month when all three bands will be at Bonnaroo.

Here is the video of FTP covering “Hold On” and you can judge for yourself.  If you want to hear the original by the Alabama Shakes, click here.


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