Revisited: Live shows of the last week – David Gray, Die Antwoord, The Kooks

1 Mar

I was hoping to get this up on the blog a lot sooner but ultimately it had to take a back seat for a little bit.  In the last week I’ve had the chance to catch a few more great shows here in Las Vegas and last weekend I definitely hit both ends of the spectrum.

First up was David Gray at The Cosmopolitan last Friday.  I’m a fan, think he has a remarkable voice, is quite the entertainer but I always imagined seeing him in either really intimate confines or at a venue like Tanglewood or the Hollywood Bowl.  Overall it was a good show but man I can’t wait for the Cosmopolitan shows to return to the Boulevard Pool.

On Saturday night it was off to House of Blues for Die Antwoord.  Even cooler was friend and great DJ, M!KE ATTACK opened for the trio and definitely set the tone for the evening.  As for the South African group, I’ve always been intrigued by them and remember when “Enter The Ninja” came out and people thought it was a joke.  Let me just get it out there, y’all need to see Die Antwoord live.  Weird?  Yes. Crazy?  Yes. Awesome show, YES!  I couldn’t believe how much fun I actually had.  I am still at a loss for the exact words to describe this show but it was entertaining and turned into one gigantic party.

This past Tuesday it was back to House of Blues for The Kooks and I couldn’t be happier to finally get the chance to see the English indie rockers live.  A solid crowd was on hand for a mid-week, all ages show and the fellas definitely delivered, tearing through a ton of material.  Personally for me, hearing “Shine On”  was the highlight of the evening and the show was by far my favorite of the last week.

Until next time….

David Gray photos courtesy of Erk Kabik at


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