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Countdown to Bonnaroo: 2 Days – Artist of the Day: Phish

5 Jun

I think everyone would agree that Phish has played a monumental role in both the music industry and festival circuit, and with a legion of fans all over the globe, it should be quite the special performance closing out Bonnaroo XI.  Slated to play two sets, it should be four hours of bliss on the farm as the festival comes to a close for another year.

I remember the first time seeing Phish was in 1996 at America West Arena in Phoenix (part of my DoYouHeartheMusic.com ticket stub background image) and how excited I was to finally see them live.  The last Phish show I saw was a decade ago, way too long but what is also making seeing them at Bonnaroo that much more special for me.

Sunday June 10, What Stage, 08:00 PM


Countdown to Bonnaroo: 5 Days – Artist of the Day: The Avett Brothers

2 Jun

And here we are the home stretch. Can you feel the excitement?
“I and Love and You” seriously so looking forward to hearing those words belted out by everyone at Bonnaroo. Yes, The Avett Brothers are extremely talented and yes, they have released some incredible albums but nothing compares until you have the opportunity to see them live. I remember being in awe of how amazing their live show was. Be careful of pigeonholing them as a “folk” band, these boys shred and rock out like there is no tomorrow. It is as energetic of a performance as you can get and impossible to find anyone around you without a smile on their face and dancing, jumping, singing along.

Friday June 08, What Stage, 05:00 PM

Countdown to Bonnaroo: 6 Days – Artist of the Day: The Roots

31 May

The Roots Crew where you at?! If you’ve never seen The Roots live (and as much as I love them as the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, that does not count), you will not want to miss this performance.  This show will push me into double digit Roots shows and I wish I could say I have been to more.  Each and every time I see The Roots, the shows get better. They are filled with sweet music, infinite energy and flat out what a dance party should be, nonstop from beginning to end.

While some members have come and gone (Scott Storch, Rahzel), ?uestlove and Black Thought have been at the forefront and continuously produce some of the best music around (just listen to their collaboration Betty Wright & The Roots which was nominated for a GRAMMY earlier this year).  And besides their original works, nobody does it better than The Roots when it comes to a marathon melody session running the gamut on songs from every genre.  Add in ?uestlove leading Superjam and whoa, it’s going to be a special one on the farm.  And since it’s Bonnaroo and traditionally there are some surprises, I personally would love to see Cody Chesnutt appear for “The Seed.”  Probably won’t happen but I can dream.

Saturday June 09, What Stage, 07:30 PM

Countdown to Bonnaroo: 8 Days – Artist of the Day: Red Hot Chili Peppers

29 May

Newly minted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are not only riding the high of being honored as music royalty but also as the grandioso 2012 festival headliner, and well deserved.  I’ve been to a ton of concerts in my lifetime and I’ll continue to remember seeing RHCP live and what a fun show it was.  RHCP are one of those bands that every song they play is a hit that you’ve been listening to for years.  The only thing I expect is everything to be bigger and better on the big stage of Bonnaroo.  Night two is going to be awesome!

Saturday June 09, What Stage, 10:00 PM

Countdown to Bonnaroo: 9 Days – Artist of the Day: Gary Clark Jr.

28 May

And here we are, the home stretch to Bonnaroo!  I hope and pray you all know who Gary Clark Jr. is by now.  I remember when he was a Café Artist last year and a relative unknown even though Eric Clapton had already invited him to perform at his Crossroads Music Festival in 2010.  Earlier this year he joined B.B. King and Co. who performed at the White House for President Barack Obama.  Add in the comparisons to Jimi Hendrix and I don’t think I need to say any more.  The kid is a wonder and has been rapidly rising to the top as a force in the music industry.  I encourage everyone to check out a slice of music rich Austin, Texas.

Saturday June 09, Sonic Stage, 05:30 PM

Sunday June 10, What Stage, 01:00 PM