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Revisited: Dave Matthews Band – 7.15.14 – Jacksonville, FL (Video)

16 Jul

I sure hope if you weren’t there you were watching online. I have seen the Dave Matthews Band dozens of times live but this was the first time getting a chance to see the special summer two set tour, an evening of acoustic and electric. I for one loved it. Thanks to modern technology and Yahoo, fans had the chance to stream the entire concert live as part of the company’s initiative with Live Nation to broadcast 365 concerts in 365 days on Yahoo Screen. This show was numero uno! And as luck would have it, I somehow managed to get from Vegas to Jacksonville overnight to attend!

The acoustic set was ridiculous at least for my DMB taste. Unless you’ve been fortunate to catch a Dave & Tim show, chances are you’ve never heard these songs live or acoustic. With just Dave & Tim on stage, the show opened with Bartender (I swear more than half the shows I’ve been to have opened with this song) before the whole band joined for Two Step, Snow Outside, Satellite, Stolen Away On 55th and 3rd, #27, Sweet, Tripping Billies and What Would You Say. The guys sounded great, looked like they were having an absolute blast and the set was a great balance to get the crowd all warmed up and feeling good before breaking into the electric set.

After heading back into the arena following a set break, it felt like you were JUST heading into the show. I mean seriously, it was like two separate DMB concerts. Oddly enough I don’t think the venue knew what to prepare for as the great beer shortage of 2014 may have occurred at the arena last night! Haha. On to set two! Dave returned solo to open with Minarets before having the whole band return to break into One Sweet World. From the second set the highlights for me were the Seven > Belly Belly Nice > Crush (what a jam), Warehouse, the always amazing cover of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer and the tour debut of Belly Full. All in another great DMB show with some old, some new, some fast, some slow.

Here’s a video of “Sledgehammer” I shot.  Hope you like it.



:::: SETLIST ::::



Two Step

Snow Outside


Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd



Tripping Billies

What Would You Say



One Sweet World


Belly Belly Nice


Save Me

If Only


You & Me

Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover)

You Might Die Trying


Grey Street


Belly Full

Good Good Time

Why I Am


As for the Yahoo Live Concert series on Yahoo Screen, DMB was just the beginning and I know if I’m not at a show, I’ll most likely be couch concerting with Michael Franti on July 18,  KISS July 19, Common July 21, Jurassic 5 July 23, Wiz Khalifa July 25, Panic! At The Disco July 30 and OK Go August 14.  Can’t wait to see the other 300+ shows Yahoo will be announcing.



REVISITED: O.A.R. | 4.24.14 | Brooklyn Bowl | Night 1

25 Apr

Damn did it feel good to see O.A.R. live once again. While I have lost count of how many O.A.R. shows I’ve seen over the years, I do know that it has been a couple years since I last got a chance to see them live. Night one of a three night extended stay at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas instantly put me back in that happy place and made me feel right at home. With good friends all around me it was a perfect evening and I for one can’t wait for the next two nights of shows.


Love and Memories


Hey Girl


Living In The End

About Mr. Brown

Heard The World

About An Hour Ago

One Shot



Dareh Meyod

Something Coming Over

Black Rock

Lay Down

That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker


City On Down




Fool In The Rain (Led Zeppelin cover)


Here are some images from the show last night.

Revisited: Setlist – GROUPLOVE | 10 4 12 | The Cosmopolitan | Las Vegas

5 Oct

GROUPLOVE | 10 4 12 | The Cosmopolitan | Las Vegas


Itching On A Photograph
Lovely Cup
Don’t Say Oh Well
Love Will Save Your Soul
Everyone Gets High
Gold Coast
Naked Kids
Close Your Eyes

Borderlines and Aliens
Tongue Tied

Revisited: Dave Matthews Band | 6 5 12 | Boston, MA (Setlist) (Photos) (Download)

6 Jun

East coast trip took me to Boston for a few days and lucky for me, Dave Matthews Band just happened to be in town during my stay.  Last night I attended yet another DMB show and all I can say is this was my favorite show I have seen to date.  Even in the chilly weather (you could see your breath, it was that cold) couldn’t put a damper on this evening in which the band was dynamite and the energy was through the roof.  Being night one of two sometimes you never know what to expect on these double-dip shows but I for one may have been the happiest person in the crowd as I finally heard “The Song That Jane Likes” live!  My favorite song the band had yet to play in some 20 something shows I’ve seen (and I assume many haven’t either).  In the back of my mind I knew there was an outside chance since the guys busted it out last week in Scranton (and it was fumbled a bit at that show so I had my doubts) and when Dave said “I have a sister and this is…” I was in music euphoria.  Add in playing “Save Goodbye” and I heard two songs I’ve been waiting every show for in one night!!  From beginning to end the show was sensational and packed a punch that makes me want to venture out on the road to catch a few more gigs this summer.  A great balance of old and new, some rocking jams, Jeff Coffin continues to amaze me, and it sure looks like the boys are having a ton of fun out there this year.


Don’t Drink The Water


You Never Know


Why I Am


Funny The Way It Is

If Only

What Would You Say



Say Goodbye

Everybody Wake Up


The Song That Jane Likes

Lie In Our Graves

Pantala Naga Pampa



Digging A Ditch

Anyone Seen The Bridge

Too Much

Want a download of the show?  You can find the torrent HERE.

Revisited: Allen Stone | Las Vegas | 5 31 12 | Book & Stage at The Cosmopolitan | Setlist

1 Jun

Last night Allen Stone returned to Las Vegas and Book & Stage at The Cosmopolitan to perform yet another incredible set.  As one of the most gifted up and coming entertainers, Stone was on-point from beginning to end and had the solid crowd grooving during his entire 90 minute set.  If you are in Vegas tonight and tomorrow, don’t miss the chance to see him.


One note on the setlist below, Superstition was sandwiched between “Unaware” and “Satisfaction.”

Setlist: Young The Giant | 5 26 12 | BLVD Pool | Las Vegas, NV

27 May

Revisited: GROUPLOVE Set List 11 1 11 Las Vegas (Two Sets)

2 Nov

Last night GROUPLOVE rocked The Cosmopolitan with two sets at 10 p.m. and midnight.  If you make your way down to The Strip tonight, head on over to Book & Stage and catch one or both of the sets.


Don’t Say Oh Well

Lovely Cup

Itching On A Photograph

Love Will Save Your Soul

Gold Coast

Naked Kids



Close Your Eyes and Count To 10


Drum Solo

Tongue Tied




Tongue tied

Lovely Cup

Itching On A Photograph

Love Will Save Your Soul

Gold Coast

Naked Kids



Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten


Drum Solo

Don’t Say Oh Well



Set List: Foster The People – 10 20 11 – Las Vegas

21 Oct

Here’s the set list from last night’s Foster The People show at The Cosmopolitan.  Disregard “Warrant” and “Ruby” because unless I lost my hearing for a little bit, they ended up not playing them.

Revisited: Furthur 10 4 11 Las Vegas Set List & Images

5 Oct

Any chance to see Bob Weir and Phil Lesh is a special treat and with Furthur rolling into Las Vegas, I was excited like a kid in a candy store.  However the evening didn’t start off nearly as planned as it took no joke, 50 minutes to get into The Joint as the ticket/security line was not moving.  After missing the first three songs (which included “China Cat Sunflower“and “Maggie’s Farm”) of set one, I made it inside.  As expected, a festive crowd on hand and it was all song and dance for the next three hours.  Highlights of the first set for me had to have been hearing “Welcome to the Dance” for the first time live and “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Casey Jones” back-to-back.  Second set, easily “Viola Lee Blues”>”Midnight Hour”>”Viola Lee Blues”>”Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”>”Viola Lee Blues” and a little later in the set “Scarlet Begonias”>”Fire On The Mountain” which was just icing on the cake for a great evening.  I just hope I don’t have to wait another year to see the guys again.

Here is the official set list as well as fantastic images from good friend, Erik Kabik of Erik Kabik Photography.


Revisited: Widespread Panic – 7 16 11 – Las Vegas – The Joint

17 Jul

If it really was the last time I’d be able to see a Widespread Panic show, what a night it was.  Last night the legendary rockers performed the final date on the Summer Tour at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and had a capacity crowd going wild from start to finish.  For me I’d have to say the highlights of the first set were easily “Climb to Safety,” and “All Along The Watchtower” followed by “All Time Low.”  As for the second set, “Surprise Valley” into “Heaven” back to “Surprise Valley” into Drums and back into “Surprise Valley” was sick and a random occurrence, Carrot Top came out during “Coconut” and did a little percussion assistance.  And the encore, wow, you couldn’t ask for more; “Ophelia” into “Shape I’m In” was a funky good time and if “Porch Song” is the final song I ever get to hear the boys perform live, no complaints.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Widespread Panic more than a handful of times and if after 25 years this is the final year, their live shows will surely be missed.  I hope that when JB said at the end of the show “We’ll see you” and then paused before saying “sometime,” that there is a chance they won’t be saying goodnight forever.

Big thanks to EverydayCompanion.com for always being my source for Widespread Panic setlists.  Below is last night’s.

1: Henry Parsons Died, Climb To Safety, Radio Child, Sharon, Visiting Day, Rebirtha, Driving Song > Disco > Breathing Slow > Driving Song, All Along The Watchtower, All Time Low

2: Pigeons > Junior, That Don’t Make It Junk, Coconut*, Jack, Surprise Valley > Heaven > Surprise Valley > Drums > Surprise Valley, Space Wrangler** > Tall Boy

E: When You Coming Home, Ophelia > The Shape I’m In, Porch Song

* with Carrot Top on percussion
** with various crew members on percussion