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Now Playing: White Denim – “It’s Him”

22 Jun

Lately I’ve really been digging White Denim, the four-piece from Austin, Texas. Love their sound and can’t get enough of the new album D.

Reel Big Fish & Goldfinger – 11 7 10 – House of Blues – Las Vegas

8 Nov

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So last night I went to see Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger. Yes that is not a typo, a group of us decided to relive our youth.  And you know what, it was worth the $31 (we all got a good laugh remembering how it use to cost like $8 to see these guys).

Goldfinger put on one heck of a performance and even had Branden Steineckert from Rancid sitting in on drums. Really though I was excited for Reel Big Fish and the first song out of the shoot, “Sellout.” I thought how awesome that the band plays the song their probably most recognized for first!  That definitely set the tone for their performance and as the show went on I started to remember a whole bunch of the songs that I have not heard in easily a decade.  Closing with “Beer” was pretty much a given and definitely had the crowd still rip-roaring ready to rock out and leave on a high note.  Overall it was a far better show than I was expecting and beat spending a Sunday night on the couch.