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Countdown to Life is Beautiful: 15 Days – Future Islands

9 Sep

If you want to see pure passion on stage, go see Future Islands. If you want to be mesmerized, go see Future Islands. If you want to rage under the lights of Life is Beautiful, go see Future Islands. If you want to walk away from the festival with that “holy shit” moment, go see Future Islands. If you’ve seen Samuel Herrings dance moves on YouTube or TV, go see Future Islands. If David Letterman was at the festival, he’d be seeing Future Islands.

What I’m really trying to say is don’t miss Future Islands at Life is Beautiful.


Video: St. Paul & The Broken Bones – “Call Me” on Letterman

21 Jan

If you watch anything today, let it be this video. Earlier this month St. Paul & The Broken Bones were the musical guest on the Late Show with  David Letterman and boy did they deliver.   Besides their soul shaking performance, what struck me as just a sheer bit of awesome was how Letterman didn’t just introduce the band but rather did a whole shtick with Paul Janeway and what he wanted to see out of the band.  And he then followed that up with requesting an encore, he needed to hear more!  Just watch the below.  I for one had not seen Letterman do either of these in all the years watching the program and two, couldn’t be more excited for these fellas who I had perform at Life is Beautiful in 2014.  Countless friends have told me St. Paul & The Broken Bones were their favorite performance and discovery at the festival and I hope that in 2015 more and more discover the greatness of this band and get the opportunity to see them live.  It’s a religious experience!