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News: @glove & Special Sauce – New Single/Album and A Blast From The Past

21 Jan

I’m pretty sure this means more to me but I figured why not share it with everyone. G. Love has announced that on the heels of G. Love & Special Sauce’s 20th Anniversary and in addition to a new album, Sugar, which drops April 22, Jimi Jazz is returning to the group for the first time in eight years and will be on tour this spring! Pumped about this one and if you’re a G. Love fan, you know there is nothing quite like G. Love, the Houseman and Jimi Jazz all on stage together.

Also, give a listen to the first single off the upcoming album, “Nothing Quite Like Home.” Want more? Ben Harper contributes to the track!! Now gimme some Sugar!


Countdown to Bonnaroo: 20 Days – Artist of the Day: G. Love & Special Sauce

20 May

There is nothing like seeing G. Love & Special Sauce perform live.  Having seen more than a dozen shows and while I have found the more intimate settings always the better performances, the grand stage at Bonnaroo is going to be rocking in a few short weeks and a set I am not going to miss.  Ready to get down with some blues music and hip-hop from the Philly born and breed artist, the only two disappointing things will be the set length and still coping with Jimi Jazz no longer in the band (I know it has been a couple years but still).  Fresh off the recent release of the latest LP, Fixin To Die (sick album produced by The Avett Brothers) and with a career that has spanned nearly two decades and provided countless memories through music, let the sun shine because this is going to be a bright spot on the festival.

The Band:  Sunday 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM – Which Stage

Solo: Sunday 2:45 PM – 3:15 PM – Sonic Stage