R.I.P. David Bowie

11 Jan

To measure the impact this talented individual had on the world one just needs to do a search on the internet for David Bowie and see what pops up in today’s news feed. I like countless others was saddened to hear of the passing of one of the most magnificent entertainers to ever live. He was an icon, a chameleon, he did it so good and effortlessly and was one of the few who could bring together people from all different backgrounds. For me he was the one living legend I had hoped I’d get a chance to see live. He released his final album, Blackstar, last Friday on his 69th birthday and you have to wonder if he and those close to him had in a way been preparing for the worse since knowing of his secret battle of cancer was eventually going to lead to where we are today.

Last Thursday I was having lunch with a friend where the conversation shifted to David Bowie, his work on the new album and our admiration for him and clearly not thinking something like the news of his passing was possible at this time.

The world lost a creative figure who transcended generations, races, genders, etc. and who left his mark that will most certainly be remembered for decades to come. We bid you goodnight Sir David Bowie. Thank you for what you left us with.



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