Countdown to Life is Beautiful 2014: Milky Chance

9 Oct

15 Days from y’all will be invading downtown Las Vegas and entering the magical world of Life is Beautiful for three days! I can’t wait! So as I am typing this, Milky Chance are on their way to the United States for the first time. As the last band we added to the 2014 lineup, I couldn’t be more excited for this performance on Friday, October 24. These two school friends from Germany have been taking the world by storm one country at a time and now is their chance to do so in America. Their hit song “Stolen Dance” has just shy of 75 million views on YouTube and is skyrocketing up the radio charts here while already hitting #1 on the Alternative chart. Their latest single “Flash Junk Mind” should be on your radar too, this is a killer track and their album Sadnecessary drops in the United States on October 18! If you are attending Life is Beautiful you’re going to want to make sure you arrive early on Friday and spend your afternoon with Milky Chance!




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