Maybe next year Bonnaroo…….

13 Jun

A little bittersweet start of the day for me as Bonnaroo 2013 is getting underway. That place in Manchester, Tennessee is home to four of the greatest days of the year. And personally I think Thursday is the best day of them all; some of the best performances happen the first day, not everyone has rolled into the grounds, it’s like the first day of school for first time Roovians and a reunion for veterans of Bonnaroo.  As much as I’d love to be there right now, putting together a little Festival called Life is Beautiful headlined by The Killers and Kings of Leon has taken up my time!  Hopefully next year I’ll be back on the farm enjoying the four day pop-up city of happiness in the middle of nowhere. Until then, looks like Bonnaroo 365, Twitter feeds and Facebook updates are what I’m going to be living vicariously through. If you are making the trek to Bonnaroo, enjoy the amazing lineup and say hello for me.


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