The New Music Tuesday That Was: The Killers, Ryan Bingham, Kanye West, Grizzly Bear & more

19 Sep

A day late I know but what the heck.  New Music Tuesday for the second straight week was a powerful one.  The Killers dropped Battle Born, Ryan Bingham – Tomorrowland, Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C, Ben Folds Five returned with The Sound Of the Life Of The Mind Out, Dinosaur Jr. – I Bet On Sky, Grizzly Bear – Shields, Martin Solveig – Smash, Ne_yo – R.E.D., Pink – The Truth About Love, Nelly Furtado – The Spirit Indestructible, and many others including Kanye West – Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer.

Seriously how much great music is coming out this fall? As for my two picks this week:

I’m a fan of The Killers outright so it’s no surprise that I like what I’ve listened to thus far on Battle Born.  It’s what I expected and got to love how they always stay true to their home, Las Vegas!  Also worth checking out is the short film Werner Herzog made while following the fellas leading up to the release.


Ryan Bingham, man what more can I say but this guy is just so damn good.  Had the pleasure of seeing him in concert a couple times, interviewing him last year and I just can’t get enough of his music.  Tomorrowland is the Ryan Bingham I remember first listening to when I discovered, Roadhouse Sun and then his first album Mescalito.  I encourage everyone to give this disc a listen and get ready to rock out.



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