Revisited: Catching Garth Brooks at Wynn/Encore Las Vegas

23 Jul

Country music is pretty foreign to me.  Sure I know a bunch of the artists and I could probably name a handful of songs but its one genre of music I’m pretty much lost with (I’m trying to improve).  But I do know who Garth Brooks is and since he started a residency at Wynn/Encore Las Vegas I always wanted to see his show.  This past weekend thanks to a dear friend, I got that opportunity.

Friends of mine have raved about the show and called it a must see but I don’t think any of that could have done justice for what I experienced. Hands down one of the best shows I have ever seen in Las Vegas (I rank Elton John’s Red Piano and the Beatles LOVE as the other two) and I may as well clump it into that category of memorable shows.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s just Garth Brooks, a guitar and a stool serving as a resting spot for two bottles of water.

To any real fan, now I get why it’s so special and such a coveted ticket. For someone who really doesn’t know his catalog of songs, this was like a Garth Brooks 101 class taught by the man himself.  Sitting there and listening to one of the most successful musicians tell his story and how he came to be, truly amazing.  I love that he takes you back and shares his inspiration for his music, let’s you in on his upbringing and how he got to where he is today (nice job Steve Wynn, this was done right).   And as he spanned the years, a pleasant surprise was when he brought his wife Trisha Yearwood on stage (to a rousing ovation) and had her perform a few songs.  Seriously that was an incredible treat and now I can say I saw two music legends in concert on Saturday night.  Even with that, my favorite part of the show was learning what an inspiration James Taylor was on his career.  I for one had no idea and hearing the stories and the first time he ever met his idol, that was cool.  The rest of the show was just awesome as he ran through a bunch of hits and favorite songs; a whole two hours and fifteen minutes of Garth Brooks.  Final song of course one that I knew, “Friends in Low Places.”


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