Funding a new album via Kickstarter: Cody ChesnuTT – Landing On A Hundred

17 Jul

Music aficionados let me break it down like this.  You all know and love the song “The Seed” on The Roots’ Phrenology but guess what, it’s not originally their song.  Who’s song is it?  Cody ChesnuTT’s, that’s who and he’s a super talented musician you are missing out on (I encourage you to listen to The Headphone Masterpiece).

What does this have to do with anything you ask?  CC is looking to fund his new album Landing On A Hundred via the crowd funding website, Kickstarter. He’s halfway to reaching his goal and there are a whole bunch of different pledge levels to receive some really great rewards including tickets to a show of your choice, autographed CDs/Records, meet and greets and more. You’ve got 30 days left, ready, go.



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