New Music: Vacationer – Gone

27 Jun

One word:  Vacationer

Who? An east coast band (NYC based) you are going to want to start listening to

What? Gone, the album which dropped earlier this year

Why you should listen? Want to go on a vacation without actually going on one?  This is the band.  As their website states “If you could go anywhere,” do it as you listen to this harmonious and soothing washed out sound.  It’s like sunshine on a rainy day, brings a smile to your face and lets you daydream. And if you live in the land of sunshine, keep smiling!

A reason you’ll be excited? Really, vacation and daydream aren’t enough?  Well if you take the throwback style of Little Joy and made it more instrumental, voila!

Why I’m excited: I’ve been craving some mellow good tunes to just relax to.  May have just found that!

If you like: Bombay Bicycle Club, Neon Indian; harmonies have been compared as “Beach Boys-esque”

Final thoughts: This sound is not for everyone but if you are willing to give Vacationer a chance, I’m sure this band will come around on you and help you dream about that vacation to St. Barts or chilling in the backyard on your own little vacation from the real world.


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