Countdown to Bonnaroo: Today is the day!!!

7 Jun

Bonnaroo, Bonnaroo,Bonnaroo

Feel The magic in the air,Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo, Bonnaroo,Bonnaroo

Feel the magic everywhere, Bonnaroo

You can feel the magic in the air

They’re havin’ a good time

Counting down the milesbefore we cross

That state line to lose these blues

Bonnaroo me and you Tennessee Bonnaroo


Just as the lyrics to “Bonnaroo (Feel The Magic)” there is nothing else that can describe today better.  The next four days are going to be filled with music, arts, great people and ever lasting memories.  Chances are the blog is going radio silent for the next four days but maybe there will be a surprise post here and there.  Catch you on the flip side!


Here’s last year, no fun at all!


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