Now Playing: U.S. Royalty

29 Dec

In what is looking like my final post of 2011, why not go out with a bang.  I had posted about them earlier in the year performing at the Sweetlife Festival but never really gave a listen until recently and boy was that a big mistake.  I am now finding myself enamored with Washington D.C. indie rock band, U.S. Royalty.  Their album Mirrors has been on repeat for much of December (hey, better late than never) and I can’t see how these guys aren’t going to be one of the next big rock bands.  From sweet harmonies to gritty and pretty guitars, U.S. Royalty is captivating and their album will definitely take you for a ride. It’s one of those discs that keeps getting better and better as you get deeper in it.


I may be the only one who views it this way but if you took a little Ryan Adams, The Strokes and Band of Horses, a touch of The Black Keys and Kings of Leon, splash in some classic rock from all over the 70 (you can hear Fleetwood Mac on “Monte Carlo” below) and of course the indie rock sound of today, you get an incredible sound that is U.S. Royalty.


So there you have it, one last nugget of good music to wrap 2011.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do.


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